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Some hype sorting on the claim that Asian pollution is intensifying Pacific Storms

Is Asian Pollution Intensifying Pacific Storms? Separating the Hype from Reality. By Cliff Mass The media over the past week have given a lot of play to a paper in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) … Continue reading

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JPL Claim: Asian Pollution makes US Storms Worse

Story submitted by Eric Worrall A new study from NASA’s JPL claims Asian air pollution causes worse storms in North America, especially during winter. According to abstract, the study used a global climate-aerosol model to compare current conditions with modelled … Continue reading

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Volcano Activity, Temperature and Response Times:

Guest essay by Neil Catto In view of the possible reasons for the 17-20 year global temperature plateau and further to Willis’ post a couple of weeks ago “Volcanoes Erupt Again”, I have been working on the same subject from … Continue reading

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A case of the vapours: source of ‘climate-active’ organic aerosol particles pinned down

From Forschungszentrum Juelich , comes what looks to be a pretty important discovery about how plant emitted aerosols like Great Smoky Mountains National Park haze comes about and grows large enough to reflect significant sunlight, something climate models don’t yet … Continue reading

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Study: Volcanoes contribute to recent warming ‘hiatus’

Researchers find models must account for volcanic eruptions to accurately predict climate change. From:MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change By the late 1990s, scientists had observed more than two decades of rapid global warming, and … Continue reading

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Picture of how our climate is affected by greenhouse gases is a ‘cloudy’ one

Cloud cover is a major forcing, and uncertain, say researchers from the Hebrew University, US and Australia Jerusalem, Jan. 26, 2014 – The warming effect of human-induced greenhouse gases is a given, but to what extent can we predict its … Continue reading

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‘Made in China’ – US air pollution tied to exports

Chinese air pollution blowing across the Pacific is often caused by manufacturing of goods for export to the US and Europe, according to findings by UC Irvine and others. Study finds blowback causes extra day per year of ozone smog … Continue reading

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Yes, but what about all that extra UHI that water vapor will cause?

Not to mention the water pollution…from Springer Select: To curb China’s haze and air pollution, use water New geoengineering research suggests pollution-control measures inspired by watering a garden A new idea to cut back on air pollution: spray water into … Continue reading

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First time in 20 years – more daily record lows than daily highs that were either tied or set in 2013

2013 was a cool year in many ways. Most interestingly, the last year this split between highs and lows happened in the USA, in 1993, we had the eruption from Mt. Pinatubo the prior year which ejected so much aerosol … Continue reading

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Environmental concern disappears with economic instability

From University of Southern California  another lesson from the economic train wreck that is Greece; people stop worrying about the environment when you make cleaner fuels too expensive to use. The price for heating oil has skyrocketed in Greece over … Continue reading

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Pollen has bigger influences on optical properties of the atmosphere than previously known

From Leibniz-Institut für Troposphärenforschung something that could be a possible negative feedback to CO2. As plants proliferate more due to increased CO2, it follows that pollen load in the atmosphere would also increase. Laser measurements show: pollen has considerable influence … Continue reading

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Real pollution (not ‘carbon’ pollution) increases storm clouds

From the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: A common theme among climate alarmists is that the wrongly named ‘carbon pollution’ aka carbon dioxide, increases the frequency and intensity of storms. Observational data show that NOT to be true,  and this new study … Continue reading

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Study: ‘Climate change scientists must turn their attention to clean skies’

From the University of Leeds  and the department of real problems, comes this paper: Natural aerosols, such as emissions from volcanoes or plants, may contribute more uncertainty than previously thought to estimates of how the climate might respond to greenhouse … Continue reading

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Better US air quality since 1990 offers health benefits

From Brigham Young University: Breathing better, living longer Arden Pope’s students know him as an excellent economics teacher, but some would be surprised to learn that, thanks to him, the air they breathe today is cleaner than the first breath … Continue reading

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Is palm oil one of the largest sources on man made aerosols?

From NASA, while we wring our hands over coal fired power plants in the west, the rest of the world seems oblivious to creating even far worse air pollution. Hi-res sat image follows. Illegal Fires Set in Indonesia Cause Smog … Continue reading

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Shocker: Global warming may simply be an artifact of clean air laws

Pollution controls have contributed to a more transparent atmosphere, thus allowing for “…a staggering increase in surface solar radiation of the order of ∼20% over the last decade.” A new paper (O’Dowd et al.) from the National University of Ireland … Continue reading

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Ocean warming – it’s the aerosols

From CSIRO, but sadly just with modeling, not empirical analysis: Rapid upper ocean warming linked to declining aerosols Australian scientists have identified causes of a rapid warming in the upper subtropical oceans of the Southern Hemisphere. They partly attribute the … Continue reading

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Wildfire aerosols not handled well in climate modeling

From Los Alamos National Laboratory: Wildfires may contribute more to global warming than previously predicted They suggest that fire emissions could contribute a lot more to the observed climate warming than current estimates show. Haze of smoke emanating from the … Continue reading

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Asia’s air pollution may be keeping tropical storm activity down

From the Law of Unintended Consequences and The Clean Air Act, comes this bit of news. Since the 1970′s The Clean Air Act has benefited breathing in many American cities with tangible results (just look at Los Angeles), but it … Continue reading

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Whoops! An inconvenient truth for ‘global warming makes more rain’ advocates: reduced pollution increases rainfall

From the “Department of Unintended Consequences” and Georgia State University  comes this oops moment in science. And all that time we are being told by people like Peter Stott that it was the increase in “global warming” that has increased … Continue reading

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