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I'm a software engineer with roots that go back to PDP-10s and the ARPAnet (and WWW references to those days). I also like most anything scientific and am active in the climate skeptic community.

Energy Flow in the United States – 94.6 quads in 2009

Guest post by Ric Werme The folks at Lawrence Livermore Natl. Labs produce a fascinating look at all the energy production in the US, from energy in (as quadrillion BTUs, or quads for short) to energy out: This was featured … Continue reading

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“Get Carter” campaign grows on Australia’s ABC radio & TV,

Guest post by Bob Fernley-Jones [Note from Ric Werme: Bob asked me to help post this while Anthony was away. I’m not familiar with everything going in this matter, but the previous post appears to have been welcome in Australia. … Continue reading

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Climate Change: Bigger health threat than AIDS, malaria

UPDATE: Holy moly. Dr. Richard North over at the EU Referendum points to this, (screencap below) which makes Ric’s article (further below) look tame. Add this to what’s going on in the AMA, and it looks like a effort to … Continue reading

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NASA’S Glory Satellite Fails To Reach Orbit

NASA reports that Glory, a satellite to monitor aerosols failed to reach orbit, apparently from a fairing that didn’t release. See update below on the massive budget overruns for this failed project. NASA’s announcement: NASA’s Glory spacecraft launched aboard a … Continue reading

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Cold Fusion Going Commercial!?

Foreword: I gave Ric Werme permission to do this essay. I don’t have any doubt that the original Cold Fusion research was seriously flawed. That said, this recent new development using a different process is getting some interest, so let’s … Continue reading

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New Hampshire to Consider Withdrawing from RGGI

RGGI is the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, created by a group of ten northeastern states. RGGI runs a carbon trading scheme with the primary goal to reduce CO₂ emissions. Permits are auctioned off quarterly, September’s auction only sold 75% of … Continue reading

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35 years ago: The Witch of November Come Stealin

Today is the 35th anniversary of the sinking of the Great Lakes ore carrier, the Edmund Fitzgerald. The shipped was sunk by “The Witch of November”, a strong Lake Superior storm that often occurs around the same time each year. … Continue reading

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Klotzbach and Gray: final 2010 two week hurricane forecast

First, a confession – I’m not feeling terrifically motivated to write up this forecast. As we stumble to the end of the 2010 hurricane season, there’s a lot dry air around, there’s a minor hurricane that’s taking a track that … Continue reading

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Klotzbach and Gray: two week hurricane forecast

We expect that the next two weeks will be characterized by above-average amounts of activity (greater than 130 percent of climatology.) So starts the latest two week forecast from Philip Klotzbach and William Gray at Colorado State University. As you … Continue reading

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