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I'm a software engineer with roots that go back to PDP-10s and the ARPAnet (and WWW references to those days). I also like most anything scientific and am active in the climate skeptic community.

Is There an Equine Version of Wind Turbine Syndrome?

While not much gets past WUWT, this story from Portugal has only recently gotten some press, well after its posting in March, and I think it warrants attention here.  While I don’t know much about horses, I’ve known several people … Continue reading

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Weather Before and After the Hurricane of 1938

This week New England is being inundated with retrospectives on the Hurricane of 1938. We have everything from a “Special Limited Edition” Weather Map Prepared by Bob Copeland, a retired Boston TV meteorologist who started an art studio in New … Continue reading

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NWS station at Corinna, Maine: same old problems, now with global impact

In Anthony’s recent post about the new snowfall records, the record high at Jal, New Mexico caught his eye. I live in New Hampshire, so the lonely red dot in Maine caught my eye. I’ve never been fond of this … Continue reading

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It was the best of times, it was [will be] the worst of times.

My brother stumbled across an interesting pair of headlines today. Nothing very new, but a nice collection yin and yang. Weather vs climate. Observation vs model. Boom vs bust. First, the yang. WUWT already covered this at Another ‘Vinerism’, or … Continue reading

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What’s up with RGGI? Moving the cap down.

Guest post by Ric Werme Things have been pretty quiet in the northeast’s the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). New Jersey has gotten out and remains out, New Hampshire didn’t get out, but most of the money collected will be … Continue reading

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Cheap Natural Gas, but wait – there’s more

Guest post by Ric Werme One minor sign of fall where I live is the arrival of a letter from the gas utility announcing the “Fixed Price Option (FPO) lock-in price” for the winter season. FPO offers a price which … Continue reading

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Submarines in the Winter Twilight

One of the more celebrated North Pole surfacings of the USS Skate happened today in 1959, see for more on that and several others. Nearly a couple years ago at the ICCC in Chicago, Lord Monckton noted that at … Continue reading

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50 years ago: The Great Atlantic Storm of 1962

Guest post by Ric Werme This week marks the 50th anniversary of a destructive nor’easter named “The Great Atlantic Storm of 1962″ by the NWS and just “The Ash Wednesday Storm” by others. I lived in Ohio at the time, … Continue reading

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Hurricanes and Global Warming – Opinion by Chris Landsea

While I was looking into Chris Landsea’s recent activities, I came across a new essay that is a pleasant change of pace from the Climategate Emails. While it is definitely an opinion piece, and a wonderful example of how to … Continue reading

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Test of Rossi’s 1 MW E-Cat fusion system apparently successful

Guest post by Ric Werme Today is the customer test of Andrea Rossi’s 1 MW fusion reactor in his facility in Bologna, Italy. While Rossi initially expected to provide streaming video of the test, the customer nixed that because they … Continue reading

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RGGI update: It wasn’t supposed to be like this

Guest post by Ric Werme Too long title: New Hampshire stays in, NJ probably gets out, 3rd quarter auction sells less than 18% of allowances, secondary market moribund, RGGI soldiers on. RGGI is short for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, … Continue reading

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Andrea Rossi’s E-cat fusion device on target.

Guest post by Ric Werme Six months ago I posted, with Anthony’s consent and misgivings, Cold Fusion Going Commercial!?. It’s time to take a look at how Dr Rossi and his Energy Catalyzer are doing. In a word, Wow. There’s … Continue reading

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RGGI update: New Hampshire likely in, New Jersey likely out. New York sued.

Guest post by Ric Werme Ten state RGGI Region It’s time for an update on the efforts of states interested in leaving RGGI, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. RGGI is a Cap and Trade system set up by ten northeastern … Continue reading

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Nils-Axel Mörner: Arctic Environment by the Middle of this Century

Guest Post by Ric Werme Nils-Axel Mörner, best known for his career of studying sea level and sea level records, reported in the April 2011 issue of the journal Energy & Environment that: At around 2040-2050 we will be in … Continue reading

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And the hits keep coming: 80 million pages served

Guest post by Ric Werme I like to look at remaining trip lengths in terms of a fraction 1/n left to reach a goal. For example, in April WUWT was 3/4ths of the way to 100 million page views – … Continue reading

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12th quarterly RGGI auction a bust? It sure wasn’t a boom.

The northeast US’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative sells CO₂ allowances through quarterly auctions. The intent is that both electric power producers will buy some because they have in order to emit CO₂, and speculators will buy some in hopes of … Continue reading

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Klotzbach and Gray continue to expect a well above-average hurricane season

The last (and my favorite) of the major hurricane seasonal forecasts came out yesterday. Phil Klotzbach and Bill Gray from Colorado State are sticking with their April forecast. Rather anti-climactic, but perhaps it’s a measure of the confidence in the … Continue reading

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The Worst “Cook”book Interview Ever?

Guest post by Bob Fernley-Jones. (AKA Bob_FJ) In addition to regular readers at WUWT, those familiar with John Cook’s misleadingly named website “Skeptical Science” may be offended by the following interview with John Cook and Haydn Washington about their new … Continue reading

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“Get Carter” and his Supporters, Part B

Guest post by Bob Fernley-Jones (aka Bob_FJ) Caution; this in Anglo-Oz English, and e.g. ABC = Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and red emphasis is mine. In Part A we discussed how Professor Bob Carter was shamefully treated by two branches of … Continue reading

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RGGI news: DE wants out, PA doesn’t want in, NH & NJ making progress

(Aside to non-USA readers: my apologies for all the two character state abbreviations, especially NH which here does not mean Northern Hemisphere! RGGI is our Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a Cap and Trade program in the northeast USA.) I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Energy Flow in the United States – 94.6 quads in 2009

Guest post by Ric Werme The folks at Lawrence Livermore Natl. Labs produce a fascinating look at all the energy production in the US, from energy in (as quadrillion BTUs, or quads for short) to energy out: This was featured … Continue reading

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“Get Carter” campaign grows on Australia’s ABC radio & TV,

Guest post by Bob Fernley-Jones [Note from Ric Werme: Bob asked me to help post this while Anthony was away. I’m not familiar with everything going in this matter, but the previous post appears to have been welcome in Australia. … Continue reading

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Climate Change: Bigger health threat than AIDS, malaria

UPDATE: Holy moly. Dr. Richard North over at the EU Referendum points to this, (screencap below) which makes Ric’s article (further below) look tame. Add this to what’s going on in the AMA, and it looks like a effort to … Continue reading

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NASA’S Glory Satellite Fails To Reach Orbit

NASA reports that Glory, a satellite to monitor aerosols failed to reach orbit, apparently from a fairing that didn’t release. See update below on the massive budget overruns for this failed project. NASA’s announcement: NASA’s Glory spacecraft launched aboard a … Continue reading

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Cold Fusion Going Commercial!?

Foreword: I gave Ric Werme permission to do this essay. I don’t have any doubt that the original Cold Fusion research was seriously flawed. That said, this recent new development using a different process is getting some interest, so let’s … Continue reading

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New Hampshire to Consider Withdrawing from RGGI

RGGI is the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, created by a group of ten northeastern states. RGGI runs a carbon trading scheme with the primary goal to reduce CO₂ emissions. Permits are auctioned off quarterly, September’s auction only sold 75% of … Continue reading

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35 years ago: The Witch of November Come Stealin

Today is the 35th anniversary of the sinking of the Great Lakes ore carrier, the Edmund Fitzgerald. The shipped was sunk by “The Witch of November”, a strong Lake Superior storm that often occurs around the same time each year. … Continue reading

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Klotzbach and Gray: final 2010 two week hurricane forecast

First, a confession – I’m not feeling terrifically motivated to write up this forecast. As we stumble to the end of the 2010 hurricane season, there’s a lot dry air around, there’s a minor hurricane that’s taking a track that … Continue reading

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Klotzbach and Gray: two week hurricane forecast

We expect that the next two weeks will be characterized by above-average amounts of activity (greater than 130 percent of climatology.) So starts the latest two week forecast from Philip Klotzbach and William Gray at Colorado State University. As you … Continue reading

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