Arctic Ice and the AMO

By Paul Homewood   David Rose’s piece in the Mail on Sunday has already been picked by WUWT and Bishop Hill, amongst others. But I want to concentrate on one aspect, that of cycles. The Mail report: However, Dr Hawkins added that the decline seen in recent years was not caused only by global warming.…


Tornado Intensity Index

By Paul Homewood     Is the intensity of tornadoes increasing in the United States, (or, for that matter, falling)? It’s a perennial question. NOAA gives us some clues, with their charts of EF-1+ and EF-3 to EF-5 tornadoes since 1954. (NOAA ignore EF-0’s, because many more of these weak tornadoes get to be reported…

Extremes Of Temperature Decreasing In The US

Guest essay by Paul Homewood WUWT carried the story yesterday of the paper by Kodra & Ganguly, forecasting a wider range of temperature extremes in the future. According to the Northeastern University press release, using climate models and reanalysis datasets, the authors found that While global tem­per­a­ture is indeed increasing, so too is the vari­ability…

How GISS Temperatures Are Diverging From RSS

By Paul Homewood  A guest post earlier today by David Dohbro, comparing satellite and surface temperature datasets, appears to have attracted a certain amount of criticism, not least because it has tried to compare anomalies based on different baselines. This is an update to that analysis.