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Analysis Of Antarctic Peninsula Temperature Trends Shows it Runs Both Hot and Cold

By Paul Homewood It is commonly known that the Antarctic Peninsula has seen substantial warming in the last few decades. Jim Steele wrote a guest post for WUWT a couple of days ago,  “The Greatest Climate Myths of All”, which … Continue reading

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Extremes Of Temperature Decreasing In The US

Guest essay by Paul Homewood WUWT carried the story yesterday of the paper by Kodra & Ganguly, forecasting a wider range of temperature extremes in the future. According to the Northeastern University press release, using climate models and reanalysis datasets, … Continue reading

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How GISS Temperatures Are Diverging From RSS

By Paul Homewood  A guest post earlier today by David Dohbro, comparing satellite and surface temperature datasets, appears to have attracted a certain amount of criticism, not least because it has tried to compare anomalies based on different baselines. This … Continue reading

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Model Based Extreme Rainfall Claims Not Supported By Actual Data

By Paul Homewood The Guardian, reporting on some recent research from Oxford University, comment: They say:

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Holdren Is Wrong – Cold Winters Are Not Getting More Common

By Paul Homewood As WUWT points out, John Holdren is one of many who have tried to link the cold winter in the USA this year to global warming. In his White House video in January, he had this to … Continue reading

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Daily Record Temperatures & UHI – Part II

By Paul Homewood I ran a post the other day on daily record temperatures in the Southeast of the USA. Just to recap: A record daily high means that temperatures were warmer on a given day than on that same … Continue reading

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Record Daily Temperatures and UHI in the USA

By Paul Homewood Every so often, the hoary old chestnut of record daily temperatures is wheeled out, as evidence of global warming. The above chart is from the NCAR study by Gerard Meehl in 2009, and the NCAR Press … Continue reading

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In the UK, it was much wetter in 1929

By Paul Homewood The Met Office have now issued the precipitation stats for last month, so what do they tell us about the winter as a whole in England, where the floods have caused such havoc? (I am concentrating … Continue reading

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Somerset Floods – February Update

By Paul Homewood I have been waiting to update the situation with regard to the flooding of the Somerset Levels. I had hoped to include the rainfall data for the local station at Yeovilton, but the Met Office still have … Continue reading

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Why did Met Office try to cover Up ‘the pause’ two years ago?

By Paul Homewood Last July, the Met Office published the second in a series of papers, discussing the recent pause in global warming. On page 6, they state: The start of the current pause is difficult to determine precisely. Although … Continue reading

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Flooding In The Somerset Levels – A Case Study

By Paul Homewood There was an interesting report in last Sunday’s Telegraph about recent flooding in the Somerset Levels. I’ll  not reprint the whole thing, but would certainly recommend reading it. The essence of the article is that the … Continue reading

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Is England’s Bad Weather A Sign Of Climate Change?

By Paul Homewood The December floods in England have been a big story recently, and, of course, still remain a problem. The term “extreme weather” has been bandied about, along with the inevitable connotation of “climate change”. ( I may … Continue reading

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Met Office Confirms St Jude’s Day Storm Was Not Unusual

By Paul Homewood The Met Office have now issued their comprehensive report on the St Jude’s Day storm, that hit southern England in October. Readers will recall idiotic headlines at the time, describing it as “The Storm of the Century”, … Continue reading

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China’s “Emission Cuts” Not What They Seem

By Paul Homewood “and make sure that the commitment of reducing CO2 emission per unit of GDP by 40-45% by 2020 from 2005 level is fulfilled” We often hear claims that China are moving much faster than the West … Continue reading

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How Rare was the November Midwest Tornado Outbreak?

By Paul Homewood A bit of perspective from Accuweather, with the help of SPC’s Greg Carbin and Harold Brooks of NSSL. In the wake of the deadly Midwest tornado outbreak on Sunday, many people are wondering how rare tornadoes are … Continue reading

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Deconstructing the hype on Super Typhoon Haiyan – Yolanda

Guest essay by Paul Homewood With special thanks to John Fuller and Agar012 (and Dr. Ryan Maue for review) Now we have had a few days to reflect on the terrible events of last week, we can start to piece … Continue reading

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The UK Saint Jude’s Day Storm – just another fall storm in a long line of many

By Paul Homewood It has been variously described as “The Storm of the Century”, “Unprecedented”, “Superstorm” and “A repeat of 1987”. I refer, of course, to the St. Jude storm that passed through early this morning  and is now headed … Continue reading

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Walport’s UK Energy Fantasy Does Not Add Up

By Paul Homewood Bishop Hill  had a post the other day, about a presentation on climate change given to the cabinet by Chief Scientist, Sir Mark Walport, seen at right. One of the slides shown was this one on various … Continue reading

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Hide The Decline

By Paul Homewood In an attempt to downplay the recent halt in global warming, the IPCC have claimed in their Summary for Policymakers that: As one example, the rate of warming over the past 15 years (1998–2012; 0.05  °C per … Continue reading

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Are Tornadoes Getting Stronger? Rebuttal to Elsner et al.

By Paul Homewood   [Note Update Below] Quantification of long term tornado trends has been hampered by the fact that many more tornadoes are reported today than was the case in the past. NOAA summarise this well:- With increased … Continue reading

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Britain’s Warm, But Unremarkable Summer

Guest essay by Paul Homewood For those of us living in the UK, the glorious summer has been much in the news. We seem to have spent half of it listening to the BBC telling us about temperature records that … Continue reading

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NOAA’s claim on El Reno tornado may not hold up

Tornado Widths– NOAA Makes Changes In Procedure By Paul Homewood NOAA have claimed that the El Reno tornado, in Oklahoma in May, was the widest tornado on record. As I pointed out at the time, there was evidence to suggest … Continue reading

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What Is Cook’s Consensus?

By Paul Homewood John Cook’s little paper, “Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the scientific literature” has attracted much attention in recent weeks. Yesterday an essay by Brandon Shollenberger , which accused the authors of “laundering lies”, made … Continue reading

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Analysis Of UHI In South Korea

Guest essay by Paul Homewood Seoul I ran a post earlier about UHI in South Korea. A study by two Korean scientists found that over half of the warming reported in Korea since 1954 was a result of UHI. In … Continue reading

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WMO Repeats “Hottest Decade Ever” Mantra

By Paul Homewood I’m not sure why it has taken them two years, but the World Meteorological Organisation have just got round to telling us that 2001-10 was hotter than the previous decade. According to the Age: The planet has … Continue reading

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The UK Climate Change Act & Its Implications For Energy Supply

By Paul Homewood I have previously looked at the potential costs of the Climate Change Act, for instance here. But now I want to look at its potential impact on energy supply. Let’s start with the basic targets that have … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To Ed Davey

By Paul Homewood Ed Davey, the UK Secretary of State for Energy, has made a speech attacking the press for reporting the views of climate sceptics, saying “But some sections of the press are giving an uncritical campaigning platform to … Continue reading

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Coldest Spring In England Since 1891

By Paul Homewood Originally, it was thought to be the coldest spring since 1962. Winter? Teesdale in County Durham blanketed in snow on May 23 in what is likely to be Britain’s coldest spring since 1962 According to the … Continue reading

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The 2013 Moore Oklahoma Tornado – a synopsis

By Paul Homewood I have deliberately held off running this post for a day or two, partly because I felt it inappropriate to do so earlier, and also because I wanted to wait until the facts became clearer. NWS have … Continue reading

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Long Term Tornado Trends

By Paul Homewood It seems that tornadoes, or the lack of them, are back in the news at the moment.  American Meteorological Society President, Dr Marshall Shepherd, seems to think it is unfair to mention low tornado numbers, saying it … Continue reading

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Germany To Open Six More Coal Power Stations In 2013

By Paul Homewood RWE’s new lignite power station opened in Neurath in 2012 Germany’s dash for coal continues apace. Following on the opening of two new coal power stations in 2012, six more are due to open this year, with … Continue reading

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English Winters Back To Normal–Julia Blames Global Warming!

By Paul Homewood According to the Sun, Britain’s winters are getting colder because of melting Arctic ice, the Government’s forecaster said yesterday. Met Office chief scientist Julia Slingo said climate change was “loading the dice” towards freezing, drier weather — … Continue reading

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FOIA obtained Met Office document shows them to be clueless about what affects our climate, and, in particular, what caused the unusual weather last year

Maybe all they need is a bigger computer Guest post by by Paul Homewood Following the wet summer in the UK last year, the  Met Office provided the Environment Agency with a briefing document, giving an overview of the weather. … Continue reading

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“Global warming predictions prove accurate”– Guardian

Guest post by Paul Homewood The Mail on Sunday ran an article by David Rose a couple of weeks ago, pointing out just how woeful most climate models had been in predicting global temperatures in the last decade or … Continue reading

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Trend To Colder Winters Continues in UK

Guest post by Paul Homewood Figures released by the  Met Office show the UK mean temperature for the 2012/13 winter finishing at 3.31C. This is below the long term 1981-2010 average of 3.83C.

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