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Meanwhile in Guardian-land…

[NOTE: This got lost is the days following Fakegate, as WordPress sometime fails to notify me that Guest posts are in que, so in deference to the author, I'm running it now - Anthony] Guest post by John A In … Continue reading

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Post COP 17 – The Road to Nowhere

Guest post by Professor Will Alexander  Roadmaps The key word used during the COP 17 discussions was ‘roadmap’ used by the European Union delegation. The following is a map of my travels through southern Africa. My two principal destinations at … Continue reading

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Pat Frank: The New Science of Climate Change

Guest post by John A. This is a shout-out to a fascinating post by Pat Frank on Jeff Id’s blog on the mysterious changes to climate history coming from James Hansen’s GISS dataset. Here’s how Pat describes it:

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Nenana 2011 Ice Classic result

In case you missed it, the official result for 2011 is in: The Tanana River officially broke up on May 4, 2011 at 4:24 PM and here’s the clock Here’s the context of the date in comparison with all of … Continue reading

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The negligent promotion of nuclear panic

It pains me to see large parts of the media still hyperventilating over the very modest amounts of radioactive material coming from the Fukushima Daiichi plant on the east coast of Japan. Nothing has been made more plain that most … Continue reading

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Steve McIntyre uncovers another hockey stick trick – where are the academic cops?

NOTE: since this is clearly an important finding with far reaching implications, this will be a “top post” at WUWT for the next couple of days. I urge other bloggers to spread the word.  – Anthony ================================================================ Just when you … Continue reading

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Earth Hour: a dissent

I thought this essay deserved a wider audience. I have added some paragraphing to aid readability but changed not a word. Reprinted with permission. – John A The whole mentality around Earth Hour demonizes electricity. I cannot do that, instead … Continue reading

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Missing sunspots solved by NASA?

News from NASA that they believe they have solved the mystery of the missing sunspots and why the solar minimum was so prolonged: Researchers Crack the Mystery of the Missing Sunspots March 2, 2011: In 2008-2009, sunspots almost completely disappeared … Continue reading

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The Futility of Wind Power

From Viv Forbes of Australia’s Carbon Sense Coalition comes this new document intended as “a submission to the Australian Senate Enquiry into Wind Farms” on the extraordinary costs of wind power generation both economically and environmentally:

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Terence Kealey: What Does Climategate Say About Science?

John A: This is a provocative essay, and I’ve thought of at least a couple of replies to counter some of the arguments, but I think it deserves a wider audience. The Global Warming Policy Foundation by Dr Terence Kealey, Vice-Chancellor, University … Continue reading

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Montford and Newbery’s submission to the BBC’s Science Coverage Review

I’ll be honest and say that I’m deeply sceptical that this or any other submission will make much difference, but I admire their tenacity. Andrew Montford ( Bishop Hill ) and Tony Newbery (Harmless Sky) have put in a submission … Continue reading

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President Vaclav Klaus: Climate Control or Freedom?

Guest post by John A. Last night in London, I had the privilege to listen to and meet the President of the Czech Republic, Vaclav Klaus at a meeting of the Global Warming Policy Foundation. (I even got to practice … Continue reading

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Want to see Solar Cycle 24 develop in realtime? There’s an app for that…

Thanks to John A for this noteworthy news item. Ok, this is for iPhone fanboys (and girls) in the main but NASA has just announced a new app for the iPhone called “3D Sun” which allows you to see the … Continue reading

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Mann-erisms: Where did we get that idea?

Guest post by John A It’s always a difficult place for me to deal with interviews with Michael Mann, because on previous occasions Mann gets to say ridiculous things and get praised for them by fawning interviewers. One of the … Continue reading

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A devastating response to “There’s nothing to see here, move along”

Guest post by John A The usual armwaving denial that we should not trust our own lying eyes was delivered by a Harvard Professor in the Boston Globe: James McCarthy, a respected Harvard professor who was a former Intergovernmental Panel … Continue reading

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Ring-a-Round 2: Queens University Belfast v Doug Keenan

WUWT readers may recall that Queens University Belfast is being asked to provide tree ring data and so far has been refusing all but a small portion. Here is an update on that story first carried in WUWT. Guest Post … Continue reading

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