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I have been a geoscientist in the evil oil and gas industry for almost 30 years. My favorite hobby is debunking the junk science of the radical environmentalists...Particularly the junk science of anthropogenic global warming.

Why William D. Nordhaus Is Wrong About Global Warming Skeptics Being Wrong…

Guest post by David Middleton William D. Nordhaus is an economics professor at Yale University. He recently published this essay in the New York Review of Books… Why the Global Warming Skeptics Are Wrong March 22, 2012 William D. Nordhaus … Continue reading

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The Simon-Erlich Wager at Seven Billion People

Guest post by David Middleton Back in 1980, the great libertarian economist, Julian Simon, and the prepetually wrong Malthusian biologist, Paul Erlich, entered into a little wager regarding population growth and resource scarcity. They decided on using the inflation-adjusted prices … Continue reading

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President Obama’s Very Dishonest Campaign Ad Regarding Energy

Guest post by David Middleton 19 January 2012 Obama clean energy ad airing in Va. A new ad from President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign that touts his energy and ethics record began airing in Virginia this week even as Republican … Continue reading

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Dallas earthquake not caused by fracking… And neither was the Ohio quake.

Guest post by David Middleton Wow! I woke up Friday morning to news that a 2.0 Md earthquake struck about a mile and a half from my office. I was sleeping at home, about 7 miles from the epicenter, and … Continue reading

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It’s Worse Than We Thought… Again… “Warming may be irreversible by 2017″

This was in our guest author queue, but I was never notified of its existence. Better late than never. – Anthony Guest post by David Middleton… EA: Warming may be irreversible by 2017

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Chicken Little of the Sea Visits Station ALOHA

Guest post by David Middleton Introduction My never-ending search for actual observational data that support the hypothesis of catastrophic anthropogenic ocean acidification (Chicken Little of the Sea) has taken me to offshore Hawaii and Station ALOHA.

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Scientific consensus fails again: Start of “Anthropocene” pushed back to Late Pleistocene, scientist vindicated

Guest Post by David Middleton From The Seattle Times SEATTLE (AP) – It’s not unusual for an archaeologist to get stuck in the past, but Carl Gustafson may be the only one consumed by events on the Olympic Peninsula in … Continue reading

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The Incredible Voyage of Neodenticula Seminae

Guest Post by David Middleton This article from a publication called DW-World was recently brought to my attention as iron-clad proof of unprecedented Arctic melting due to AGW… Seems pretty cut and dried… But, I had never heard of DW-World, … Continue reading

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Warming Island / Greenland Sea Regional Climate and Arctic Sea Ice Reconstruction

Guest post by David Middleton The recent return of the Warming Island AGW myth inspired me to build a climate reconstruction for the Greenland Sea region. Temperature Reconstruction I performed a GISS station search centered on 71.4 N latitude, 23.5 … Continue reading

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Warming Island: Just another Warmist myth

Guest post by David Middleton Like a zombie, this island keeps resurrecting itself in the gullible press. Problem is, its been on the maps for 50+ years. From the Guardian yesterday: New atlas shows extent of climate change The world’s … Continue reading

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Dessler: “Paying the price for climate change” or a case of flawed statistical analysis?

Guest post by David Middleton My State is currently in the grip of a very severe drought… Professor Andrew Dessler, an atmospheric sciences professor at our nation’s greatest university, recently authored a column about our drought in the Bryan-College Station … Continue reading

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The BBC’s Richard Black Engages in “Goldilocks-Picking”

Guest post by David Middleton From the BBC… Climate: Cherries are not the only fruit Just about the most predictable event of the week was the tempest of opinion created by the analysis of global temperature changes published in the … Continue reading

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Run Away! The “Anthropocene” is coming!!!

Guest Post by David Middleton I just love it when the authors of these sorts of articles start out with a series of mistakes… The Anthropocene: Can Humans Survive A Human Age? by Adam Frank About 12,000 years ago (give … Continue reading

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Ocean Acidification: Chicken Little of the Sea Strikes Again

Guest Post by David Middleton Introduction As global warming morphs into climate change and global climate disruption and anthropogenic CO2 emissions give way to stochastic variability, clouds, the Sun, cosmic rays and our oceans as the primary drivers of climate change, environmental extremists … Continue reading

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Antarctic Ice Cores: The Sample Rate Problem

  Guest Post by David Middleton In my first guest post (CO2: Ice Cores vs. Plant Stomata), we discussed the merits of ice cores vs. plant stomata as paleo-CO2 measurements. One of the key stomata papers I cited was Thomas van Hoof’s … Continue reading

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CO2: Ice Cores vs. Plant Stomata

Guest post by David Middleton INTRODUCTION Anyone who has spent any amount of time reviewing climate science literature has probably seen variations of the following chart… A record of atmospheric CO2 over the last 1,000 years constructed from Antarctic ice … Continue reading

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