DOE Green Energy Loans: $11.45 million per job and a rounding error’s worth of averted carbon emissions.

Guest Post by David Middleton The cost of each taxpayer-financed green energy job created since 2009: $26.32 billion divided by 2,298 jobs = $11.45 million per job… Green energy jobs and DOE loans are tallied under programs 1703 and 1705 on this list. Permanent jobs created: 2,298 Taxpayer financed loan guarantees: $26.33 billion

Maryland’s “Wind Powered Welfare”

Guest Post by David Middleton Going Green Offshore Wind Passes in Senate, Gov. O’Malley’s Signature Next The construction of a wind power farm off the coast of Ocean City could begin as early at 2017 By Jessica Wilde, Capital News Service Gov. Martin O’Malley’s offshore wind energy bill is on its way to his desk…