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Lewandowsky and Oreskes Are Co-Authors of a Paper about ENSO, Climate Models and Sea Surface Temperature Trends (Go Figure!)

UPDATE 2: Animation 1 from this post is happily displaying the differences between the “Best” models and observations in the first comment at a well-known alarmist blog. Please see update 2 at the end of this post. # # # … Continue reading

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Headed into ‘Lew-world’ in the U.K. – I could use your help

Yesterday, it was discovered that both John Cook and Michael Mann are headed to the Stephan Lewandowsky’s current place of trough feeding academic residence at the University of Bristol to give talks on Sept. 19th and 23rd. Since the talks … Continue reading

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Full Moon on Lewandowsky

Climate Psychologist with the Right Stuff Stephan Lewandosky et al (including John Cook and Mike Marriott) published a paper called Recursive Fury, now retracted, psychoanalyzing climate skeptics’ opinions and categorizing them in psycho-babble terminology, such as: (PV) Persecution Victimization (NI) … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky’s ‘downfall’

Bishop Hill notes: Geoff Chambers points me to the (almost inevitable) “Downfall” video to accompany Stephan Lewandowsky’s recent (Fury paper retraction) demise. Enjoy.  

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Lewandowsky on ‘leakage’

No smear psychological categorization mission is too offbeat for Lew. Now he’s on about “leakage”. Try to stifle the images that conjures up while thinking about your choice of preventative antiemetics. s mac says: in WUWT Tips and Notes: Anthony, … Continue reading

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DIY Climate Psychology Lewpaper Generator

Delusional psychopophagy is the mere result of the power of Climate Denial Guest essay by Eric Worrall As a homage to the amount of attention cast in our direction by the psycho-scientific community, I have decided to pay tribute to … Continue reading

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Frontiers fires back again on the hype surrounding Lewandowsky’s retracted Recursive Fury paper

Readers may recall some ethics objections I raised in my complaint letter to UWA and Psychological Science, and also sent to Frontiers. It seems Frontiers agrees. This statement was posted on their website today: =========================================================== Rights of Human Subjects in … Continue reading

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Editor of a related Frontiers journal resigns in protest over Lewandowsky paper retraction

Seems there’s a little too much emotion with this one, Ugo Bardi, who seems to have a burr up his butt for WUWT (in comments to his own article) while completely ignoring complaints like this one. It is important to … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky says we must fear uncertainty, and act on it, because, science

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Stephan Lewandowsky (of retracted Recursive Fury fame ) has just released a paper supporting the “precautionary principle” (h/t JoNova). According to Lewandowsky, the more uncertain you are about risk, the more you should spend to … Continue reading

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My complaint letter regarding the Lewandowsky affair

UPDATE: 4/5/14 I’ve posted some additional correspondence to make what transpired clearer, see below – Anthony Given the recent retraction of Lewandowsky’s #2 paper “Recursive Fury” and the clear line in the sand drawn by the Journal to Lewandowsky and … Continue reading

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Journal takes Lewandowsky and his supporters to task on ‘threats’ over retracted ‘Recursive Fury’ paper.

This will be a top sticky post for a day, new stories will appear below this one Dana Nuccitelli, the Guardian, Joe Romm, and other overly emotional climate propagandists should heed this message, you’ve been put on notice in a … Continue reading

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A stunning revelation from a UWA Vice Chancellor Paul Johnson over access to Lewandowsky’s poll data

This post will be a top sticky post for a day, new stories will appear below this one. While this issue was covered previously on Climate Audit, I thought this needed the exposure that WUWT could afford. There’s a famous … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky’s Peer Reviewer Makes Things Up

Guest essay by Brandon Schollenberger As most people reading this blog know, a paper by Stephan Lewandowsky, Recursive Fury, was recently retracted. This is a big deal as scientific papers are rarely retracted, and merely being wrong doesn’t cause it … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky co-author Mike Marriott, serial climate goof, strikes again

UPDATE 3/30/14 There is a dispute over a quotation made at  The Australian Independent Media Network between Mike Marriott and the author of a blog post that included a quote about Marriot made by AIMN we repeated here. Therefore, WUWT … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky’s UWA cohorts answer on data access is essentially ‘no, and hell no’

UWA Vice-Chancellor Refuses Lewandowsky Data Steve McIntyre writes: Over the past 15 months, I’ve made repeated requests to the University of Western Australia for a complete copy of Lewandowsky’s Hoax data in order to analyse it for fraudulent and/or scammed responses. … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – the Lewgate fussbluster

Steve McIntyre makes a point about Lewandowsky’s duplicity in the emerging “Lewgate“

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Lewandowsky’s big ‘conspiracy theory’ seems to be more about his own actions

Steve McIntyre writes: Lewandowsky Ghost-wrote Conclusions of UWA Ethics Investigation into “Hoax” Following the retraction of Lewandowsky’s Fury, the validity of University of Western Australia ethics “investigations” is again in the news. At present, we have negligible information on the … Continue reading

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Josh: Don’t squeeze the Lewpaper

Emboldened by the worldwide success (29,000+ views) of the flushed Lewpaper, a spokesman for Procter and Gamble has announced that P&G decided to replace Mr. Whipple with Mr. Lew.

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Lewandowsky paper flushed, then floated again

Today has been entertaining to say the least. On Twitter, Ben Pile of Climate Resistance has been telling us all about how he learned that the Lewandowsky-Cook Paper#2 – titled ‘Recursive Fury’, which detailed all manners of conspiratorial ideation theory, … Continue reading

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More reax to Lewis and Crok: What the IPCC Knew But Didn’t Tell Us

Climate Insensitivity: What the IPCC Knew But Didn’t Tell Us By Patrick J. Michaels and Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger In a remarkable example of scientific malfeasance, it has become apparent that the IPCC knew a lot more than it revealed … Continue reading

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Notes on the reax to Lewis and Crok, along with another paper looking at climate model output versus data

While the reactions to Lewis and Crok rage, from intellectually lazy trolling at Dr. Judith Curry’s shop by a trio of commenters using the “nyah, nyah, it’s not peer reviewed!” method, (she now has a technical thread to filter such antics) … Continue reading

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The Lewis and Crok exposition – Climate less sensitive to Carbon Dioxide than most models suggest

Full papers plus additional comments from co-author Nic Lewis follow. I have added some relevant diagrams and tables from the report, plus reproduced the foreword by Dr. Judith Curry as well as updated the summary Equilibrium Climate Response Graph originally … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky – call your office: Correlation is Meaningless

Readers may recall this survey: A poll to test the Lewandowsky methodology The results are in, which is why we can’t say global warming proponents support pedophilia. Guest essay by Brandon Schollenberger They don’t. The fact there is a correlation (0.14) … Continue reading

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A poll to test the Lewandowsky methodology

Brandon Schollenberger writes: As you’re aware, Stephan Lewandowsky has written several papers claiming to have found certain traits amongst global warming skeptics.  I believe his methodology is fundamentally flawed.  I believe a flaw present in his methodology is also present … Continue reading

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18 Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest – Hansen’s alarmism on parade

According to the paid propagandist Joe Romm at Climate Progress: Humanity is choosing to destroy a livable climate, warn 18 of the world’s leading climate experts in a new study. Tom Nelson asks on Twitter: Since when are these 18 … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Lewis Black and George Clooney

Date: November 26, 2013 From: Bob Tisdale To: Lewis Black and George Clooney Subject: Human-Induced Global Warming Gentlemen: First, let me congratulate and thank you for your efforts in disaster relief and other charities. With that said, I’ve written to … Continue reading

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Stephan Lewandowsky’s ethical lapses allowed his science to be published without oversight

As if there could be any more ludicrous antics from this plonker, we now find that Dr. Stephan Lewandowsky pulled a bait and switch on ethical approvals for his psychological research papers at the University of Western Australia that were … Continue reading

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Mann and Lewandowsky go psychotic on climate skeptics

From the tiny dog whistle violin department. Dr. Michael Mann and Dr. Stephan Lewandowsky have a new paper out that redefines the term “climate ugliness”. Apparently FOIA requests are “harassment”. And Internet blogs “wrongly sidestep peer-reviewed literature”. Oh Mann, tell … Continue reading

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Why doesn’t Lewandowsky study this phenomenon?

One of the favorite smears from Dr. Stephan Lewandowsky used to try to diminish the arguments of climate skeptics is to create dodgy psuedo-scientific psychological studies with a bent on trying to prove that skeptics are conspiracy theorists. Except for … Continue reading

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Another plonker from Lewandowsky

UPDATE: It seems another poll/study flies in the face of what Lewandowsky claims about “Free Market Thinkers” Ouch, that’s gotta hurt. See below. NOTE: The section after the graphic has also been updated for clarity by contributor A. Scott. – … Continue reading

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Lewandowsky’s ‘seepage’, now with FOI

From Tom Nelson Lewandowsky’s skeptic seepage plus see the FOIA documents link added at the end. Emailer WL writes: [Stephan Lewandowsky at 2013 American Geophysical Union Chapman Conference] “Skeptic discourse has seeped into the scientific arena and may have contributed … Continue reading

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‘Lewd’ behavior: The pathologising of climate scepticism

ESSAY: The shoddy science of sceptic-bashing LOG12 paper by Lewandowsky attempts to turn rational criticism into a psychological illness. “As the influence of environmental thinking has increased its hold over the political establishment, the failure to win the public support … Continue reading

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Watch Mann and Lewandowsky make fools of themselves live

The AGU Chapman gabfest is being streamed live. Up this AM, are two notable alarmists who will surely provide back to back entertainment. Times are U.S. Mountain. 10:05 a.m. — 10:25 a.m. Scientific Uncertainty in Public Discourse: The Case for … Continue reading

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New paper from Otto et al and Nic lewis shows transient climate sensitivity less than 2C

UPDATE: this post has been superseded by the new guest essay from Nic Lewis which you can see here: New paper shows transient climate response less than 2°C

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Lewandowsky et al 2013: surveying Peter to report on Paul

Guest analysis by Shub Niggurath In 2012, Stephan Lewandowsky and co-authors submitted a paper to the journal Psychological Science, generating widespread publicity. Here, I address a simple issue/question that has hovered around the paper from the time it made its … Continue reading

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