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Small asteroid slams into Mars, impact captured by orbiter

A reminder that the universe isn’t always friendly. A spectacular image of impact crater follows. From NASA JPL today. 

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Asteroid Diversity Points to a ‘Snow Globe’ Solar System

As of today, there are currently 1453 known potentially hazardous asteroids that could impact Earth and cause a real planetary catastrophe. Given the new diverse “snow globe” model of our solar system in relation to asteroids, how may more don’t … Continue reading

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Asteroid likely caused global fires, which led to extinctions

From the AGU: Global fires after the asteroid impact probably caused the K-Pg extinction About 66 million years ago a mountain-sized asteroid hit what is now the Yucatan in Mexico at exactly the time of the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) mass extinction. … Continue reading

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Why we don’t take CNN or Bill Nye seriously anymore: asteroid> meteor> global warming

Paul Westhaver writes in Tips and Notes: CNN talking empty head (Feyerick) asks Bill Nye if approaching Meteor was a result of global warming…. but Bill’s response is oddly disquieting.

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Asteroid blows past Earth in near miss

From Flying close enough to Earth that in astronomic terms one could feel the breeze as it passed, a small asteroid flashed by just after midnight today. NASA reported the space rock, with the unimaginative name of 2012 KT42, … Continue reading

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Asteroid near miss – the movie

There’s no danger that the asteroid will strike Earth, but Sky and Telescope reports that if it did, it would “deliver a kinetic-energy punch equivalent to several thousand megatons of TNT … the kind of potential threat that outer-space sentries … Continue reading

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Oil company geologist helps find new asteroid crater

From Australian National University Sciencewise Magazine A big impact on climate: Examining a new asteroid crater found in the Timor Sea As new land-based oil deposits become increasingly scarce, oil companies have turned to the seabed in search of new … Continue reading

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Close call – Asteroid near miss for Earth yesterday

From NASA’s and NASA JPL Twitter feed. It only takes one missed space rock to ruin your day. On Friday November 6th at 2132 UT (16:32/ 4:32PM EST) asteroid 2009 VA barely missed Earth when it flew just 14,000 … Continue reading

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Asteroid explosion over Indonesia

From NASA’s INDONESIAN ASTEROID: Picture this: A 10-meter wide asteroid hits Earth and explodes in the atmosphere with the energy of a small atomic bomb. Frightened by thunderous sounds and shaking walls, people rush out of their homes, thinking … Continue reading

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Aussie astronomers call for more funding in wake of asteroid explosion

From ABC News, Australia Astronomers are calling for more funding to watch southern skies, after an asteroid took sky-gazers by surprise and entered the earth’s atmosphere over Africa yesterday. Yesterday morning astronomers in Arizona reported seeing a tiny asteroid, which … Continue reading

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Sudan hit by Apollo Asteroid

Posted by Dee Norris A recently discovered Apollo Asteroid, 2008 TC3, exploded over Sudan at about 1046 EDT on October 7, 2008. 2008 TC3 was discovered on Monday by an observer at the Mt Lemmon Observatory near Tucson, Arizona. 2008 … Continue reading

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Asteroid flyby tonight

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U.N. Urged to Take On Asteroid Threat

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Why a compelling theory is not enough

Guest essay by Eric Worrall Consider the following descriptions of three scientific theories. Which is the odd one out?

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CNN’s dumbest news question, evar

And we thought this one was bad:  CNN talking empty head (Feyerick) asks Bill Nye if approaching Meteor was a result of global warming…. OK that set the stage, what could be dumber than that? Now study the picture below, … Continue reading

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Giant mass extinction may have been quicker than previously thought – carbon dioxide blamed

From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , another “carbon as planet killer” scenario. MIT researchers find that the end-Permian extinction happened in 60,000 years — much faster than earlier estimates The largest mass extinction in the history of animal life … Continue reading

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Oh my! Climate change threatens to cause ‘trillions’ in damage to world’s coastal regions

From the University of Southampton  and the department of potential assorted threats and sundries, comes this claim. New research predicts that coastal regions may face massive increases in damages from storm surge flooding over the course of the 21st century. … Continue reading

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What to do about The Flood Next Time

Guest Post by Kip Hansen Note: The text of this essay is a bit long, even for me. It quotes a NY Times article, and I comment on it. The entire essence is contained in two simple posters at the … Continue reading

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