How Can You Tell?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach All day long we’ve been driving in Montana, which is cowboy country and mining country. To assist folks in distinguishing these from say the Midwest kind of country which also may have horses and cows, here are some distinguishing marks and features of cowboy country. You know you’re in cowboy…

Climate Craziness of the Week: Crater in Yamal caused by ‘global warming’

I kid you not. The level of stupid here is unprecedented. Forget the UFO theories, or the fact that it is Yamal, which started Climategate through the distortion of tree ring data and the witholding of FOI requests on the issue, or forget that Yamal is roughly translated as ‘End of The World’, no, forget…

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Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach On our way out of Idaho today I saw a great billboard about wind power. It gave me hope for the future. Here’s what the billboard said: