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Study: cold-season temperature variability has significantly decreased over the mid- to high-latitude Northern Hemisphere in recent decades

This is one of the reasons severe weather has been on the decrease. Less variance means less mixing, and mixing of extreme temperature differential air masses is what contributes to volatile weather events like tornado outbreaks. Source: http://www1.ncdc.noaa.gov/pub/data/cmb/images/tornado/clim/EF3-EF5.png Here is … Continue reading

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The ‘strawman’ albedo effect

From ETH Zurich , something that actually makes sense. Straw albedo mitigates extreme heat Wheat fields are often tilled immediately after the crop is harvested, removing the light-coloured stubble and crop residues from the soil surface and bringing dark bare … Continue reading

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Maunder and Dalton Sunspot Minima

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach In a recent interchange over at Joanne Nova’s always interesting blog, I’d said that the slow changes in the sun have little effect on temperature. Someone asked me, well, what about the cold temperatures during … Continue reading

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BREAKING: SCOTUS puts the brakes on some EPA global warming rules

Justices limit existing EPA global warming rules MARK SHERMAN, Associated Press WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court today placed limits on the sole Obama administration program already in place to deal with power plant and factory emissions of gases blamed for … Continue reading

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A wall to wall crazy idea – build a ‘great wall’ in the USA to prevent tornadoes

From World Scientific Publishing Co. and the International Journal of Modern Physics comes this insane idea; build 300 meter (984 feet) high “great walls” in the midwest to break up the flow patterns. Riiiigght. We can’t even build a wall … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – we’ll say anything as long as it supports our cause

“My teacher (who does not agree with this project because of the trickery) told me that your group will accept almost anything regardless of the scientific process, this was my experiment to see if he is correct.” Greens get pranked … Continue reading

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The World is Wearying of Climate Catastrophism

Maurice Newman, an influential Australian Government Advisor, attacks Climate Alarmism Maurice Newman, Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council, has published a scathing attack on climate alarmism in “The Australian”, a prominent Aussie daily newspaper. According to Newman, the … Continue reading

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The 2014/15 El Niño – Part 11 – Is the El Niño Dying?

There’s still a possibility the 2014/15 El Niño could die even though it had so much promise just a few months ago.  In this post, we’ll compare a few indicators now to where they were 2 months ago at the … Continue reading

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