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Sea Levels are Never Still

By Viv Forbes, Rosewood Qld Australia Sea levels have been rising and falling without any help from humans for as long as Earth’s oceans have existed. The fastest and most alarming sea changes to affect mankind occurred at the end … Continue reading

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Pacific Leaders Worried About ‘Climate Gravy Train’ – Criticise Aussie PM Tony Abbott’s Apostacy

Story submitted by Eric Worrall From Australia Network News: Pacific presidents speak out against Australia’s stand on climate change Leaders of small Pacific nations have spoken out against Tony Abbott’s efforts to organise a global coalition against Obama’s climate push. … Continue reading

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Twenty-five Climate Models Can’t All Be Wrong … Or Can They?

From the NIPCC report: As seemingly never-ending work on developing and improving climate models progresses, there is also a seemingly never-ending set of assessments of how that work is progressing; and the study of Maloney et al. (2014) is one … Continue reading

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Poll: Californians Say Drought Is The "New Normal," But Favor Investments In Long-Term Solutions

Climate Change not among the top priorities per California voters. From the California Water Foundation: Californians believe this year’s record drought is the “new normal” and favor investments in long-term solutions over short-term fixes, according to a poll released today … Continue reading

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Climate Change is sucking funding away from biodiversity

From the “let’s include climate change is all our work so we’ll keep getting funded” department, comes this admission in the form of a press release from The University of Kent. Overshadowed by climate change Kent research suggests that recent … Continue reading

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Study: Illinois Renewable Energy Standard no help to state’s economy

From the Beacon Institute: (Boston, MA) Closing so-called loopholes in Illinois’s mandated use of renewable energy program, in an effort to expand ‘green’ industries, will harm the state’s economy, according to a study from The Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk … Continue reading

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The predicted 2014 El Niño is expected to benefit U.S. agriculture

Maybe this will temper the usual expected claims that this El Niño is all about global warming, because we can’t have global warming be beneficial, right? MANHATTAN — A Kansas State University senior agricultural economist says there’s a 70 percent … Continue reading

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Despite the hype, ‘carbon-free’ energy sources aren’t gaining traction globally

Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. tips us to this interesting yet inconvenient graph. The graph below shows data from the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2014, which was released yesterday. It shows the proportion of global energy consumption that comes … Continue reading

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And then they came for your home mortage tax deduction…

From Georgia State University  and the department of “let’s just all live in uniform state sponsored mud huts“, comes this latest inanity, blaming carbon emissions on your ability to get a tax deduction for the American Dream of owning your … Continue reading

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