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Professor’s fellowship terminated for speaking out on global warming in the Wall Street Journal

From Climate Depot: Fired for ‘Diverging’ on Climate: Progressive Professor’s fellowship ‘terminated’ after WSJ OpEd calling global warming ‘unproved science’ Professor’s fellowship ‘terminated’ after WSJ OpEd declaring ‘the left wants to stop industrialization—even if the hypothesis of catastrophic, man-made global … Continue reading

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Comparison between global surface temperature anomaly datasets – Take 2

Guest essay by David Dohbro Recently WUWT published my comparison of several different land-based and satellite-based global surface temperature anomaly (GSTA) datasets (1, and data sets’ descriptions and references therein). However, my analysis was critiqued for not using the same … Continue reading

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Climate Change: it’s the motions of the oceans

From the University of London Scientists discover link between climate change and ocean currents over 6 million years Scientists have discovered a relationship between climate change and ocean currents over the past six million years after analysing an area of … Continue reading

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The temperature forecasting track record of the IPCC

Guest essay by Euan Mearns of Energy Matters In geology we use computer models to simulate complex processes. A good example would be 4D simulation of fluid flow in oil and gas reservoirs. These reservoir models are likely every bit … Continue reading

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EPA leaves out the most vital number in their fact sheet

0.02°C Temperature Rise Averted: The Vital Number Missing from the EPA’s “By the Numbers” Fact Sheet By Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger and Patrick J. Michaels Last week, the Obama Administration’s U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unveiled a new set of … Continue reading

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Stunning Frontal Cloud at Sea

I thought readers might enjoy this photo. This frontal cloud formed from a northeast wind shift and lifting of humid ocean air enough to cool it below the dew point. The cold air acts a bit like the leading edge … Continue reading

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China ‘the coal monster’ fuel dominated energy use overwhelms Obama’s EPA CO2 reduction schemes

Obama’s ideological war on coal unnecessary, is wasteful, costly, inept, and pure political theater. Guest essay by Larry Hamlin China’s energy consumption is climbing so rapidly that it’s energy use, which already exceeds ours, will be double U.S. levels by … Continue reading

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