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How Earth avoided global warming before SUV’s

From the European Association of Geochemistry, a claim that looks to be little more than paleo-dowsing. Though, ya gotta love the silly claim that Earth would have hit a runaway greenhouse effect like Venus, had it not been for some … Continue reading

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The Botox generation explanation for climate change fear

Guest essay by Charles Battig “The only thing we have to fear is change itself” Climate change is heralded as a most pressing challenge and potential danger to mankind. Many politicians have responded to an outpouring of writings by scientists … Continue reading

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Environmental Groups Have Lost the War Against Fracking

Guest essay by Steve Goreham Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, a technique to remove natural gas and oil from shale formations, has been under withering assault from environmental groups for much of the last decade. Fracking has been blamed for contamination … Continue reading

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Despite climate edicts from the White House, even liberals polled don’t think ‘climate change’ is a top priority

Brookings Institution survey: Public Concern over Climate Still Bottom of the List Guest essay by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. Public opinion surveys are notoriously easy to manipulate. Depending on how you ask the survey question, you can get just … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – dictators and climate change

This quote from a WSJ article titled Springtime for Warmists (a hat tip to the satirical play Springtime for Hitler  in Mel Brooks’ 1968 film The Producers ) is one of those “God help us” moments where we realize higher … Continue reading

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John Holdren’s ‘personal’ Bi-Polar Vortex video

OSTP rules Holdren’s video released by the White House was “personal opinion” and therefore not subject to Data Quality Act. Guest essay by Sam Kazman  Back in January, in the midst of one incredibly cold winter, John Holdren, Director of … Continue reading

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China and CO2

Guest essay by David Archibald While in Beijing early this year US Secretary of State John Kerry announced that China and the US, the world’s largest emitters of such gases, had agreed to intensify information-sharing and policy discussions on their plans … Continue reading

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