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A sign of cooling? New permafrost is forming around shrinking Arctic lakes

From McGill University Researchers from McGill and the U.S. Geological Survey, more used to measuring thawing permafrost than its expansion, have made a surprising discovery. There is new permafrost forming around Twelvemile Lake in the interior of Alaska. But they … Continue reading

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AAAS on reproducibility – ‘a cornerstone of science’

Reproducibility — the ability to redo an experiment and get the same results — is a cornerstone of science, but it has been the subject of some troubling news lately. In recent years, researchers have reported that they could not … Continue reading

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No joke: ‘Climate change may prevent contact with alien civilisations’

From the you’ve got to be effing kidding me department come this dead serious essay from “The Conversation”, that hotbed of climate alarmism in Australia which somehow got past bullshit detectors at phys.org. The money quote sort of tries to … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week – a new business model for practicing psychologists?

What better way to drum up business than to create a whole new class of psychological affliction? Climate Depot reports: Weather Channel hypes report claiming ‘Climate Change Will Mean More Stress, Anxiety, PTSD in the Future’ – Growing ‘substance abuse’ … Continue reading

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Mann Overboard! – It Takes a Village in North Korea Edition

It seems that Dr. Michael Mann has gone off the rails (again) into the sort of conspiracy theory territory that would be a perfect case study for Cook and Lewandowsky, except that they probably believe every word Dr. Mann has … Continue reading

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UAH Global Temperature Update for May, 2014: up slightly

Will the forecasted El Niño later this year produce a new record? Spencer comments. June 10th, 2014 by Roy W. Spencer, Ph. D. The Version 5.6 global average lower tropospheric temperature (LT) anomaly for May, 2014 is +0.33 deg. C, … Continue reading

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Sea Ice News Volume 5 #3 – The 2014 Sea Ice Forecast Contest

While we have done this usually a week ahead in prior years, I’m very late out of the gate this year, as I have a lot of distractions and work on my plate. Due to the deadline being today, this … Continue reading

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Australia and Canada decide to take a path of climate realism

Australia And Canada Form Climate Realist Alliance Ottawa Citizen, 9 June 2014 Mark Kennedy The political leaders of Canada and Australia declared on Monday they won’t take any action to battle climate change that harms their national economies and threatens … Continue reading

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Why Automatic Temperature Adjustments Don’t Work

The automatic adjustment procedure is almost guaranteed to produce spurious, artificial warming, and here’s why. Guest essay by Bob Dedekind Auckland, NZ, June 2014 In a recent comment on Lucia’s blog The Blackboard, Zeke Hausfather had this to say about … Continue reading

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NOAA reaches out to the blogosphere

UPDATE: NOAA has corrected the typos in the illustrations at the new reanalysis intercomparison website. # # # # # NOAA opened two new blogs recently…and a new reanalysis intercomparison website, with a plethora of ENSO-related illustrations.

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