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Uh oh: Study says ‘collapsing’ Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica melting from geothermal heat, not ‘climate change’ effects

Remember the wailing from Suzanne Goldenberg over the “collapse” of the Thwaites glacier blaming man-made CO2 effects and the smackdown given to the claim on WUWT? Well, never mind. From the University of Texas at Austin  and the “you can … Continue reading

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Idiotic libel from the ‘Skeptical Science’ crowd

From the “Collin Maessen is a now a fair game legal target” department and the “SkS double secret publicly browsable Tree-hut archives”, comes this unsupportable claim of ‘criminal hacking’ by Brandon Shollenberger. My Hidden Information by Brandon Shollenberger. Some Skeptical … Continue reading

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‘Vortex of Stupidity’ – the sequel

Many thought the media’s focus on the ‘Polar Vortex’ this winter was pretty stupid, well another kind of similarly stupid vortex is about to reappear again. All we can hope is that it dies and never comes back after this … Continue reading

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Gavin Schmidt is the new James Hansen

NASA Names Schmidt Director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, gets honorary lunch ticket to Tom’s Restaurant. NASA has named Gavin A. Schmidt to head the agency’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York, a leading Earth … Continue reading

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Beware of false Prophets

By Charles Battig, M.D. Positive public perception of the scientist has long been powerful.  The public has the tendency to defer to scientists, as it does to authority in general.  It is part of the educational and socialization process inherent … Continue reading

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Sensitivity? Schmensitivity!

Even on business as usual, there will be <1° Kelvin warming this century By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Curiouser and curiouser. As one delves into the leaden, multi-thousand-page text of the IPCC’s 2013 Fifth Assessment Report, which reads like a … Continue reading

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Warming climates intensify greenhouse gas given out by oceans

From the University of Edinburgh and the department of soda pop science, comes something we already knew. I wonder who approved the grant for this one? Rising global temperatures could increase the amount of carbon dioxide naturally released by the … Continue reading

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