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Sunspots and Sea Surface Temperature

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I thought I was done with sunspots … but as the well-known climate scientist Michael Corleone once remarked, “Just when I thought I was out … they pull me back in”.  In this case Marcel … Continue reading

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Richard Tol Fights back – with an article in the Guardian showing that Cook’s 97% consensus is actually ‘nonsensus’

Consensus is irrelevant in science. There are plenty of examples in history where everyone agreed and everyone was wrong. While I admit to being quite surprised they’d allow him equal time, I doubt he’ll win any converts as much of … Continue reading

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End of an error

 Celebrate it at the 9th International Heartland Conference, Las Vegas By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley Don’t miss this spectacular conference in the City of American Culture 2014. The Ninth International Heartland Conference on Climate Change is the biggest and best … Continue reading

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Termites, fungi, models, and climate change

From the University of Central Florida Climate change models could have a thing or two to learn from termites and fungi, according to a new study released this week. For a long time scientists have believed that temperature is the … Continue reading

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The Weather Forecast That Saved D-Day

The most important weather forecast in history In memory of my father Hans who, in 1944, took part in the liberation of Europe with the Royal Engineers in the Italian Campaign. –Benny Peiser  

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Study: Greenland’s July 2012 ‘insta-melt’ was triggered by a combination of warm weather and carbon soot

WUWT readers surely remember all the media hype over this story. This was REP’s last entry on WUWT: As WUWT readers are aware, there has been a great deal of attention paid by the main stream media to the extensive … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: Life is a Gas!

Kevin Benn of Sweden writes with some poetry… Hi Anthony, [This] was an outlet for my frustration at not being able to engage local politicians or journalists in an open discussion about climate science and policy. Please use it as … Continue reading

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Antarctic Sea Ice Increase and Global Warming

by Norm Buske Although I am a long-time, casual skeptic of global warming, I agree that evidence of severe, largely anthropogenic warming of the Northern Thermal Hemisphere (NTH) is compelling. The warming of the NTH explains progressive loss of Arctic … Continue reading

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