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How not to ride a climate camel

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley In response to an earlier posting showing a picture of me with a camel, George E. Smith asked “Where did you get yourself the horse of a different color? Is it as difficult to ride … Continue reading

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Mann, it’s hairy in the climate wars

Sometimes, you just have to laugh. Doing a Google search for Michael E. Mann to find his CV to respond to this comment, I came across this odd presentation from Google. In it, Michael E. Mann gains hair, and I … Continue reading

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In House testimony, Botkin dismantles the IPCC 2014 report

Policycritic writes: You need to read this, Anthony. He dismantles the IPCC 2014 report for Congress. Botkin’s bio: “Daniel B. Botkin, a world-renowned ecologist, is Professor (Emeritus), Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, UC Santa Barbara, and President of … Continue reading

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Who will rid us of this totalitarian Prince?

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The Prince of Wales, in aiming to be the end of democracy, may yet be the end of the monarchy. Notwithstanding that Europe’s most climate-skeptical party had just come top in the recent UK elections … Continue reading

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Large Volcanic Eruption in Indonesia – This year’s excuse for ‘the pause’?

Eric Worrall writes: The volcano Mount Sangeang Api in the Lesser Sunda Islands has just erupted, sending a huge ash cloud 12 miles into the air. Wikipedia describes Sangeang Api as a volcano complex with 2 active cones, Doro Api … Continue reading

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The myth of the 97% climate change consensus

What is the origin of the false belief – constantly repeated by President Obama, the media and others – that almost all scientists agree about global warming? Claims continue to be made that “97% of scientists agree that climate change … Continue reading

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Ross McKitrick’s presentation to FOS

The Friends of Science 11th annual luncheon was on May 13, 2014, featuring Dr. Ross McKitrick, at the Metropolitan Conference Centre, Calgary, Alberta. In it he says: “Climate models appear to overstate the effects of greenhouse gases.  This presentation will … Continue reading

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Pointman’s: The scorning of William Connolley

Pointman writes: I think we’ve all had that pleasant surprise when something totally unexpected just drops out of the sky and into your lap. That happened to me last weekend when a creature called William Connolley attempted to comment on a … Continue reading

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Friday Funny: New drought trigger postulated for CSIRO to study

Who knew the reason for drought could be so simple? Forget complex modeling, Palmer indices, and rainfall projections, the reason for drought (at least in Australia) is dirt simple. Time is of the essence!

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The White House gets a case of Mann-Tijander syndrome

WUWT readers may recall: Upside-Side Down Mann and the “peerreviewedliterature” at Climate Audit. Steve McIntyre wrote then: “…there isn’t a shred of doubt that Mann et al 2008 used these proxies upside down from the Tiljander interpretation. “ It seems the … Continue reading

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Balmer pays 2 billion dollars for Los Angeles Clippers…

…meanwhile, back at Staples Center, home of the Clippers:

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Oh, joy, climate waste on the local level now

From the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Global survey: Climate change now a mainstream part of city planning CAMBRIDGE, MA — An increasing number of cities around the world now include preparations for climate change in their basic urban planning — … Continue reading

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Has David Attenborough Become A Propaganda Mouthpiece Promoting Climate Fear?

Guest essay by Jim Steele, Director emeritus Sierra Nevada Field Campus, San Francisco State University. David Attenborough was my favorite wildlife cinematographer and each year I fed my students numerous clips to make biology and ecology come alive. Researching the … Continue reading

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Citizen astronomers and engineers get control of an old satellite from 1978

Success! We Are Now In Command of the ISEE-3 Spacecraft Thanks to the many WUWT readers that contributed to make this a success! These guys didn’t disappoint. They pulled it off against the odds. Congratulations to them. There’s a great … Continue reading

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Glacial Inception: the climatic ‘madhouse’

Guest essay by William McClenney Abstract: I used to think there was only one known substitute for intelligence – stupidity. I have since realized that I left out evil (see Hitler et al). I have also come to the conclusion … Continue reading

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Then, they came for the airplanes…

From the American Chemical Society: Heavy airplane traffic potentially a major contributor to pollution in Los Angeles Congested freeways crawling with cars and trucks are notorious for causing smog in Los Angeles, but a new study finds that heavy airplane … Continue reading

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Oops! ‘Dieselification’ of London due to CO2 regulations have increased actual air pollution

London’s Dirty Secret: Pollution Worse Than Beijing’s Reader Drew H. submits this story. It’s the law of unintended consequences at work. European Union efforts to fight climate change favored diesel fuel over gasoline because it emits less carbon dioxide, or … Continue reading

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SkepticalScience Needs to Update their Escalator

The SkepticalScience animation The Escalator has been around for a couple of years, and it has appeared in dozens of their posts and in blog posts by other carbon dioxide-obsessed alarmists. Their intent with The Escalator animation was to show … Continue reading

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Somehow, I don’t think he’ll make it past the nomination stage

NZ’s Climate Change Ministry scores spectacular own goal – praises well-known sceptic New Zealand’s Ministry for the Environment has sent a letter of praise to the author of two bestselling books debunking human caused global warming, telling him that “New … Continue reading

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IPCC findings dispute ABC, CBS, NBC and BBC alarmist and flawed Antarctica sea level rise claims

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin IPCC report shows Antarctica has “negative contribution to sea level” over the 21st century The recent ridiculous and scientifically flawed media claims of large Antarctica related sea level rise impacts due to “unstoppable” glacier ice … Continue reading

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Newest target of copper thieves: wind turbines

From France24: A sophisticated network of metal thieves has targeted some 20 French wind turbines in a new looting trend, scaling the near 40-metre-high structures and stealing up to one tonne of metal from a single engine, Le Figaro reported … Continue reading

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2014 Arctic Sea Ice Forecasting Contest

This announcement will be followed by the actual voting contest at WUWT this coming weekend – Anthony First Call for Sea Ice Outlook Contributions June Report (Based on May data) Submission deadline: Tuesday, 10 June 2014 Since 2008, the annual … Continue reading

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Climate Craziness of the Week: Another one for the list* Global Warming Makes Couples Cheat

From the Al Gore Sex Poodle Institute and the “almost too stupid to print” department comes this: New report blames global warming for rising rates of infidelity Victoria Milan, a dating website for people looking to cheat on their significant … Continue reading

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Hump Day Hilarity – John Oliver’s Twist on Climate

Josh writes: There have been a few tweets about this guy, John Oliver. He got Bill Nye to come on his show to debate a skeptic but then said he would need 96 other people alongside Bill to make it … Continue reading

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Ice melt: ‘invasive species’ or just business as usual for Nature?

From the Smithsonian , something that makes me wonder. When the ice ages lowered sea levels and opened land bridges, and mammals of all sorts made passages, or when a study shows Arctic sea ice extent ~6000 years ago was … Continue reading

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Study: Is “Global Warming” about to make a comeback?

Results of the study show that the term “Climate Change” is too bland to excite people Story submitted by Eric Worrall Bryan Walsh, writing for Time Magazine, has published a claim by the Yale Project on Climate Communication, that the … Continue reading

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Freedom From Information Act (FFIA)

Guest essay by Charles Battig No, that is not a mistake. FFIA is the unofficial, but real operative world of bureaucracy, which has its own interpretation of the official Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). For those who have wished to … Continue reading

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Color perceptions of the National Temperature

Back in June 2008, I did a post titled Color and Temperature: Perception is everything. One WUWT reader, Jes Simon noticed that since that time, something changed in the way NOAA was presenting the CONUS surface temperature, he worked up this … Continue reading

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Another one for the list*, climate change causes half-breed trout

Study Finds Climate Change Accelerates Hybridization Between Native, Invasive Trout MISSOULA – A new article by researchers from the University of Montana, the U.S. Geological Survey and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks asserts that climate warming is increasing the hybridization … Continue reading

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A ‘regime of wildfire’ contributed to carbon sequestration 15,000 years ago

The next time somebody says wildfires in the USA are “unprecedented” show them this. Buried fossil soils found to be awash in carbon “It looks like there was an incredible amount of fire.” Soils that formed on the Earth’s surface … Continue reading

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Still ice on Lake Superior – never before seen to this extent in the satellite era

IceAgeNow writes: As of today, 27 May 2014, Lake Superior ice cover stands at 4.3% – the greatest level of ice seen on this date, not only on Lake Superior, but on all of the Great Lakes since modern satellite … Continue reading

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First Major Hurricane in the Eastern Pacific Ocean of 2014

The first tropical cyclone of the Eastern Pacific hurricane season grew into a major hurricane as Hurricane Amanda reached Category 4 status on the Saffir-Simpson scale over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. NASA and NOAA satellites watched as Amanda developed … Continue reading

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‘Extreme Weather’ – Before CO2 was being blamed for political points

Imagine the wailing about ’caused by climate change’ if this happened today. From NOAA: This Month in Climate History: May 27, 1896, St. Louis Tornado What remains the third most deadly tornado in U.S. history struck St. Louis, Missouri, on … Continue reading

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Climate change and bug albedo

From the Imperial College of London , something buggy, though I have to wonder if other factors aren’t involved in the range expansion, like more sunlight getting through due to less aerosols/particulates thanks to pollution controls. Light-colored butterflies and dragonflies … Continue reading

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Antarctica climate alarmism frenzy revisited – ill-informed, exaggerated and erroneous media claims galore

Sea level rise increase 1/2 thickness of human fingernail crates media “sea level rise alert” panic Guest essay by Larry Hamlin  During May three new scientific papers appeared addressing results of studies of Antarctica ice loss which sent the alarmist … Continue reading

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