Lewandowsky’s ‘downfall’

Bishop Hill notes:

Geoff Chambers points me to the (almost inevitable) “Downfall” video to accompany Stephan Lewandowsky’s recent (Fury paper retraction) demise. Enjoy.


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59 Responses to Lewandowsky’s ‘downfall’

  1. philjourdan says:

    You know you have hit the big time when you get parodied with the downfall snip! LOL

  2. earwig42 says:

    The best yet! I bet that is what their meeting was like. The war is lost. It’s just not over yet.

  3. james says:

    So very close to the truth and funny.

  4. Steve Keohane says:

    Braced myself for an actual video of Lew., was relieved and finally laughing out loud by the end. Thanks.

  5. cnxtim says:

    When confronted by zealots who argue white is now black, humour is probably the best response – well done!

  6. Gary Hladik says:

    “They’ll even make one of those stupid Hitler videos about me.”

    Whahahahaha! The “Hitler rant” videos are among my favorites on Youtube.

  7. Manfred says:

    de rigueur, nonetheless priceless.

  8. Jari says:

    Thank you for the laugh, great video, so true.

  9. leon0112 says:

    Best Hitler video yet. Seen many of them, but I was laughing out loud at this one. Congrats!

  10. charles nelson says:

    One of the best ‘downfalls’ I’ve seen.
    Though I have to say that the movie cast are much better looking than those being parodied.

  11. NoAstronomer says:

    Love the Downfall parodies. The movie itself is a master piece.

    A lot of the cleverness in the parodies comes from how the author uses the canned action to make subtle jokes. Which lead to my one minor critique : at the point where our protagonist says “Everyone leave the room except Cook, Nuccitelli, Oberauer and Marriott” I think that should be more like “Everyone who no longer believes in AGW leave the room”.


  12. pyromancer76 says:

    I enjoyed. And I enjoyed. And I enjoyed. More of this brilliance and wit and the mopping up won’t even take that long. The joy of relief that the long criminal, evil siege is over will bring a surge of helpers.

  13. Clive says:

    Funneee … well done. ☺ Thanks.

    Who is Elaine?

  14. Gunga Din says:

    Maybe he’ll do a paper about the video?

  15. MrX says:

    Hitler accusing others of being deniers is doubly ironic.

  16. Gunga Din says:

    He could call it “Refluxive Furry”.
    (Think “hairball”.)

  17. Richard Howes says:

    Not exactly the perfect thread to respond with this link. This essay from Randall Carlson reminds me of the “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus” reply, but in response to a reader’s questions regarding climate change.


  18. Clive says: “Funneee … well done. ☺ Thanks. Who is Elaine?”

    “…Elaine McKewon, one of the peer-reviewers for Recursive Fury…”


  19. Jari says:

    Clive says:
    April 25, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    Funneee … well done. ☺ Thanks.

    Who is Elaine?

    Maybe she was the student expert reviewer of the Lew paper?

  20. cbone says:

    Or Elaine could have been Naomi Oreskes.

  21. Michael Cohen says:

    Note how “Stalin” is synched to the subtitled “Koch brothers”. Almost as good as working an actual reference to Stalin into unrelated title content.

  22. westcoasttiger says:

    Bishop Hill forgot to add the /sarc tag to the video.

    (But then again, who knows?)

  23. Greg says:

    Sehr urkomisch. Geil !

    Just glad it was a stand-in. I could not stomach seeing another real video of Lew’s face.

  24. wobble says:

    It’s amazing that Lew actually believes he conducted a real study. We MUST continue to make fun of Lew’s stupidity.

  25. james says:

    He knows it wasn’t a real study but it served it’s purpose in the MSM.

  26. Louis says:

    Richard Howes says:


    Thanks for the link, Richard. Randall Carlson penned a thoughtful overview of climate change in his reply. He also made several statements that I hadn’t heard before. Have either of the following been discussed here at WUWT?

    1. “It has been pointed out that Muller used a reliability rating for temperature stations that is over a decade old. New reliability ratings have recently become available and when they are applied at least half of the presumed average global temperature increase disappears.”

    2. “Not a single all time, state high temperature record has been set since the year 1995, when a temperature of 106° F was recorded in Danbury, Connecticut. … Of all 50 states, exactly half experienced record high temperatures during the 1930s. This is powerful evidence that, at least for North America, the 1930s was the hottest decade since comprehensive instrumented record keeping began in the 19th century. And again, the amount of anthropogenic CO2 in the atmosphere during that decade was negligible.”

    I know we have discussed the fact that (for the US) 1998 became the hottest year only after temperatures in the 1930s were adjusted downward in a series of adjustments that reduced temperatures by as much as half a degree. But I didn’t know that half of the states experienced record high temperatures during the 1930s, or that no state has set an all time temperature record since 1995. That’s almost 2 decades. If 1998 is supposed to be the hottest year on record, surely some high temperatures must have been broken that year somewhere in North America. Does anyone know if Randall Carlson’s information above is correct?

  27. Taphonomic says:

    Loved the line about: “and you idiots dressed up in the … uniforms”

  28. Richard Howes says:


    Randall doesn’t say things lightly. I would love to see his stuff fact checked. And Nobody from the evil empire should debate him! It would be a slaughter. He has computer like memory of details that I cannot comprehend. I have attended lectures where he described what the end of the last ice age was like. He has documented floods that defy belief. Talk about climate change — what would happen if there was a significant bolide event?

  29. Chris B says:

    Greg says:
    April 25, 2014 at 2:55 pm
    Sehr urkomisch. Geil !

    Just glad it was a stand-in. I could not stomach seeing another real video of Lew’s face.


    Sorry, I couldn’t resist the temptation.

  30. Ric Werme says:

    I was expecting the next to last sentence, I wasn’t expecting the last sentence. I do like self-referential jokes.

  31. LevelGaze says:

    Chris B, no thanks at all for posting that video.
    Such hypocritical cant was not at all good for my Saturday morning digestion.

  32. Chris B says:

    LevelGaze says:
    April 25, 2014 at 6:24 pm
    Chris B, no thanks at all for posting that video.
    Such hypocritical cant was not at all good for my Saturday morning digestion.

    I thought it was someone parodying Lew until I saw a corroborating picture of him. Sure enough he is serious in the bizarre video I posted above. It was not a spoof.

  33. LevelGaze says:

    Chris B,
    I honestly didn’t realise how seriously delusional he is. Very, very scary.

  34. Dave says:

    Lew will undoubtedly conclude that those of us that find this funny are psychologically impaired.

  35. Dave says:
    April 25, 2014 at 7:23 pm
    Lew will undoubtedly conclude that those of us that find this funny are psychologically impaired.

    Indeed. I’m sure we will read all about it in a new scientific publication very soon.

  36. bushbunny says:

    I will hang around his neck for months, like a smelly bit of ….. Has anyone heard from him publically, I know several editors resigned.

  37. Mike T says:

    Lewandowski has a “fake” Aussie accent? To me his accent wasn’t anywhere near Aussie, fake or otherwise. He sounded North American.

  38. Eliza says:

    It’s got to be the best Hitler climate video yet.

  39. Niff says:

    Yeah…I am sure the next paper from Lewandowski will be an analysis of parody videos. He’s probably decided that now HE has been parodied he has ‘arrived’.

  40. William McClenney says:

    I needed that this evening. Thanks!

  41. Paul Westhaver says:

    Chris B.

    As much as the Hitler thing was amusing the actual video of that wack-job Lewandowsky was disturbing. Thanks for posting it.

    What an absurdly contrived and unnatural self absorbed pontification. I hardly think he was involved in science with that diatribe. He criticized people blocked from the peer review process by AGW activists for seeking alternative means to get the word out. Now he is doing exactly that himself! Does he know? Or has he suffered some psychic fracture disabling him?

    In as much as Lewandowsky claims a correlation between Skepticism of AGW and adherence to free market principles, I argue that the opposite is even more true, that Climate Nazis believe in government control and wealth redistribution as a social policy and furthermore, the green movement, and the club of Rome is using fake AGW to get to a global socialized state, run by the UN.

    Thanks Chris B. albeit a disturbing experience.

  42. Paul Westhaver says:

    I say accept Lewandowsky as a suitable straw-man spokesman for AGW. Then let him continue to discredit the whole farce of AGW by virtue of his own actions…like Al Gore the clown, Mann the liar, Gleik the criminal.

    He is one of those “useful idiots”

  43. klem says:

    I’ve never seen one of these Hitler videos before, its hilarious, The best thing on the web.

  44. Twobob says:

    Both videos.
    Acted as an emetic.

  45. Matthew W says:

    It might just be me, but I’m kind of tired of the Hitler parodies.

  46. Steve from Rockwood says:

    @Mike. “Everyone who is no longer willing to believe in AGW leave the room”.

    This will happen one day.

  47. Ric Werme says:

    Someone should repost that Lewandowski missive on Halloween.

    But please, no sooner!

  48. fretslider says:

    They got the minister of Propaganda right

    If only Hitler had retreated to a tree hut!

  49. Mike T says:

    klem says:
    April 26, 2014 at 1:27 am
    I’ve never seen one of these Hitler videos before, its hilarious, The best thing on the web.

    It’s an except from the German movie “Downfall” I believe.

  50. Jeff Wood says:

    “It’s an except from the German movie “Downfall” I believe.”

    Correct, Mike. It is a most powerful film.

  51. thojak says:

    A superb GOODIE! Big Thanks :-D
    Here another Goodie with German origin:

    Brgds from Sweden

  52. Poptech says:

    Best one yet, spread this around.

  53. Chris Wright says:

    NoAstronomer says:
    April 25, 2014 at 2:05 pm

    “Love the Downfall parodies. The movie itself is a master piece….”

    By chance I watched Downfall again about a week ago. I agree, it is a masterpiece.

    This youtube is very good, but I think the best Downfall climate youtube was the one that showed Hitler ranting about ‘hide the decline’.
    Great stuff!

  54. Frank says:

    You have remarked very interesting details! P.s. Nice web site =)

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