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Claim: UCLA study yields more accurate data on thousands of years of climate change

From the University of California – Los Angeles Research also helps unravel the mystery of retreating glaciers in the Pacific Ocean’s western tropics Using a cutting-edge research technique, UCLA researchers have reconstructed the temperature history of a region that plays … Continue reading

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Record Daily Temperatures and UHI in the USA

By Paul Homewood https://www2.ucar.edu/atmosnews/news/1036/record-high-temperatures-far-outpace-record-lows-across-us Every so often, the hoary old chestnut of record daily temperatures is wheeled out, as evidence of global warming. The above chart is from the NCAR study by Gerard Meehl in 2009, and the NCAR Press … Continue reading

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Monckton’s letter to the Rochester Institute of Technology regarding Assistant Professor Lawrence Torcello

Earlier, I had mentioned Assistant Professor Lawrence Torcello’s despicable climate ugliness and offered some links to addresses on where to complain to. Monckton took the lead on that. I urge others to write such factual and courteous letters. 14 March … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – Licking the Gore effect

I’m sure many readers have seen the movie that is now a holiday classic called A Christmas Story. There is a scene in that movie where the character Flick, acting on a “triple-dog dare”, gets his tongue stuck to a … Continue reading

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On Chylek et al (2014) – The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation as a Dominant Factor of Oceanic Influence on Climate

I was advised of a recent paper that studies the impact of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on global surface temperatures since 1900. (Thanks, Anthony.) The paper is Chylek et al. (2014) The Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation as a dominant factor of … Continue reading

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