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Jo Nova needs a little help

Her “big oil” money apparently ran out. /sarc She writes:  About these ads

About these ads
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Computer model predicts vastly different ecosystem in Antarctica’s Ross Sea in the coming century

NSF Press Release 14-028 Rising temperatures and changing wind patterns sure to affect predator-prey relationships, researchers say Adelie penguins cross ice floes near a lead–or opening–in the sea ice at Cape Royds. Credit and Larger Version The Ross Sea, a … Continue reading

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First assessment of noctilucent cloud variability at midlatitudes

This is interesting, a first dataset for noctilucent cloud variation. As the Sun dips below the horizon, the last rays of light can glint off crystals of ice high in the atmosphere, lighting up the sky with an electric blue … Continue reading

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Claim: Ghenghis Khan rode climate change to power

From the National Science Foundation Press Release 14-032 Climate of Genghis Khan’s ancient time extends long shadow over Asia of today Current drought in Mongolia could have serious consequences View of the modern-day Orkhon Valley near Karakorum, the ancient Mongol … Continue reading

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New Gallup poll shows climate change near the bottom of things worth worrying about

While some people speculate there was a climate bloviage link to the recent loss of a congressional seat in Florida, we have the name calling all nighter clownfest in the Senate last Monday. Bjørn Lomborg writes on his Facebook page: … Continue reading

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Steyn versus the Stick Figure

Mark Steyn writes (and provides a cartoon caricature): Good news for fake Nobel Laureate Michael E Mann. Iran is launching an Islamic Nobel Prize to be named after Mustafa (ie, Mohammed). Given that he wants it so badly, maybe we … Continue reading

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Newsbytes: Walport in a storm

UK Government Chief Scientist Accused Of ‘Name-Calling For Lack Of Evidence’ Matt Ridley Calls On Mark Walport To Withdraw Unsubstantiated Accusation Climate change has done more good than harm so far and is likely to continue doing so for most … Continue reading

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Analysis: Tesla may have made over $100 million off the CARB enabled battery swap ZEV credit scheme

Guest essay by Alberto Zaragoza Comendador In the past I’ve provided estimates of the money Tesla has made off this mysterious feature enabled by credits authorized by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). These estimates were very simplistic: basically I … Continue reading

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