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Friday Funny – Great moments in Environmentalism: the ‘2 million’ KXL comments – real or fake?

UPDATE: Bill McKibben doesn’t seem to want to address the question. See below. Earlier today, 350.org’s founder Bill McKibben tweeted this: [Source: http://twitter.com/billmckibben/status/442052998324551680 ] Tom Nelson asked about those boxes and the environmental impact to which I replied: About these … Continue reading

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A pointed question

Robert B. writes via email with a question that we’ve just never asked readers to weigh in on here before in post, though has been bandied about in comments. I figure it is about time to put it to rest … Continue reading

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Hansen to testify next week on KXL

I’m pretty sure we already know what he is going to say. Readers are welcome to make their predictions in comments.

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JLI Final Forecasts for 2014

Guest Post By Walter Dnes The NOAA(NCDC) January data set update was delayed. It came in during the afternoon/evening of March 6th. With all the January data being in, now is the time for the January Leading Indicator “JLI” algorithm … Continue reading

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In the UK, it was much wetter in 1929

By Paul Homewood http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate/uk/summaries/anomacts The Met Office have now issued the precipitation stats for last month, so what do they tell us about the winter as a whole in England, where the floods have caused such havoc? (I am concentrating … Continue reading

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It Isn’t How Climate Scientists Communicated their Message; It’s the Message

Over the past few months, there have been a number of articles about how the climate science community could have presented their message differently, or responded differently, so that they could have avoided the problem they’re now facing with the … Continue reading

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