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Chevron defeats the Greens with their own hubris

Story submitted by Eric Worrall James Delingpole writing for Breitbart London has published a fascinating story of how green groups were undone by their own hubris and misleading evidence in their effort to sue Chevron Oil for billions of dollars … Continue reading

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Introducing the WUWT Great Lakes Ice Reference Page

Image Credit: NOAA Great Lakes Surface Environment Analysis (GLSEA) Great Lakes Ice Cover reached 91.8% yesterday, after Wednesday’s coverage of 91% made 2014 the second highest maximum on record. Great Lakes Ice Cover is well within striking distance of the … Continue reading

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Don’t put your pension into Greens, Mrs Worthington…

Starting at the same price, there’s a 10 to 1 gap in investment performance By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley … Don’t put your pension into Greens. “Greens” are what the City boys in red suspenders with East End accents you … Continue reading

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More reax to Lewis and Crok: What the IPCC Knew But Didn’t Tell Us

Climate Insensitivity: What the IPCC Knew But Didn’t Tell Us By Patrick J. Michaels and Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger In a remarkable example of scientific malfeasance, it has become apparent that the IPCC knew a lot more than it revealed … Continue reading

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Notes on the reax to Lewis and Crok, along with another paper looking at climate model output versus data

While the reactions to Lewis and Crok rage, from intellectually lazy trolling at Dr. Judith Curry’s shop by a trio of commenters using the “nyah, nyah, it’s not peer reviewed!” method, (she now has a technical thread to filter such antics) … Continue reading

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New Book: Twilight of Abundance

David Archibald has written a new book. In short: Baby boomers enjoyed the most benign period in human history: fifty years of relative peace, cheap energy, plentiful grain supply, and a warming climate due to the highest solar activity for … Continue reading

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