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Statistical flaws in science: p-values and false positives

To make science better, watch out for statistical flaws by Tom Siegfried First of two parts As Winston Churchill once said about democracy, it’s the worst form of government, except for all the others. Science is like that. As commonly … Continue reading

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Over two-thirds of the contiguous USA covered with snow

Readers may recall our story from Dec 15th, 2013: Over half the USA covered in snow, the most in 11 years Now, it’s even more. See the map and the 3D image:

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Report from the Office of the Inspector General: Global Climate Change Program Data May Be Unreliable

From the “we’ve told you so time and again” department comes this agreement with my assessment of the state of the climate programs as conducted by the US Government. Readers may recall this report from the GAO that was spurred … Continue reading

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The Overselling of Climate Modeling Predictability on Multi-Decadal time Scales in the 2013 IPCC WG1 Report – Annex 1 Is Not Scientifically Robust

Guest essay by Roger A. Pielke Sr. Introduction I have posted in the past how the development of multi-decadal regional climate projections (predictions) to give to policymakers and the impact communities is a huge waste of time and resources; e.g. … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – two guys with a ruler blow up the White House global warming video claims

Remember White House science advisor John Holdren’s wackadoodle video about the Polar Vortex? The opening line of the video spoken by Dr. Holdren says ” If you’ve been hearing that extreme cold spells, like the one we’re having in the … Continue reading

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Proper Cherry Picking

Guest essay by Johannes Herbst There is a much discussed graph in the blogosphere from ‘Tamino’ (Grant Foster), which aims to prove that there is no delay or pause or decline in global warming. He states: Twelve of sixteen were … Continue reading

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