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The January Leading Indicator

By Walter Dnes – Edited by Just The Facts Investopedia defines “Leading Indicator” thusly… A measurable economic factor that changes before the economy starts to follow a particular pattern or trend. Leading indicators are used to predict changes in the … Continue reading

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Michael Mann the ‘reluctant public figure’ and ‘typewriter expert’

One of the hurdles Michael Mann has to overcome in his lawsuit against NRO/Steyn is the tenet that public figures are expected to have a higher level of tolerance when it comes to ridicule, satire, and defamation. For that reason, … Continue reading

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A Displaced Polar Vortex and Its Causes

By WUWT Regular “Just The Facts” If you aren’t familiar with Stratospheric Polar Vortexes, you can get acquainted here, here and here. “A strong link exists between stratospheric variability and anomalous weather patterns at the earth’s surface. Specifically, during extreme … Continue reading

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Chicken al la still not a king

The royal prince in waiting of Britain labels climate skeptics as “headless chickens”. From The Telegraph: Prince Charles has criticised climate change deniers, describing them as the “headless chicken brigade” during an awards ceremony recognising a leading young green entrepreneur. … Continue reading

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Case study: how to fight the Sierra Club with no money

John Droz, Jr. sends this new item In October of 2013, a major wind project was targeted for coastal North Carolina. I decided to use this as a test case for AWED’s model wind ordinance. The results were excellent from … Continue reading

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