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Study on weather disasters shows claims of increased damage costs aren’t rooted in climate, but rather, society

“…societal change is sufficient to explain the increasing costs of disasters at the global level…” We often hear of the wailing by climate activists and in the MSM about the huge cost numbers related to weather disasters, as if somehow … Continue reading

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‘Pineapple Express’ pattern for drought stricken California is shaping up – how long will it last?

From NASA JPL, video animation follows. Wet weather is again hitting drought-stricken California as the second and larger of two back-to-back storms makes its way ashore. The storms are part of an atmospheric river, a narrow channel of concentrated moisture … Continue reading

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You can be part of a new crowd-funded book on climate change facts

I’m writing two chapters in this new book, Climate Change: The Facts 2014 which will be crowd-funded to become published. I’m sure you will recognize some other names also contributing chapters in addition to my two chapters on extreme weather … Continue reading

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More Evidence for a Low Climate Sensitivity

By Patrick J. Michaels and Paul C. “Chip” Knappenberger We have two new entries to the long (and growing) list of papers appearing the in recent scientific literature that argue that the earth’s climate sensitivity—the ultimate rise in the earth’s … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – Mann’s Hot Seat

A couple of days ago, I was sent this satirical cartoon totally unsolicited by SFO Bay Area artist Tim Sheppard who said he was troubled by the free speech issues surrounding the Mann-Steyn lawsuit. He sends it with a disclaimer: … Continue reading

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An Odd Mix of Reality and Misinformation from the Climate Science Community on England et al. (2014)

In this post, we’ll discuss a recent article and blog post about the recently published England et al. (2014). This post includes portions of past posts and a number of new discussions and illustrations. We’ve already discussed (post here) the … Continue reading

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The Top Ten Reasons global temperature hasn’t warmed for the last 15 years

Explanation #10 for the pause …”coincidence” has just completed the top 10 list, thanks Gavin! Party on! Excellent! There is a new paper by Gavin Schmidt et al that comes in as #10 in the growing list of explanations for … Continue reading

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Study projects big thaw for Antarctic sea ice

From the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and the department of unverifiable forecasts in our lifetime comes this model based projection. Researchers say Ross Sea will reverse current trend, be largely ice free in summer by 2100 Antarctica’s Ross Sea … Continue reading

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Josh on “Mann of Rigor”

“Robust” has a new image. Josh writes: Over at Climate Audit Steve McIntyre’s posts on the ‘Mann vs Steyn’ battle are great fun to read and the comments are very entertaining. The posts are here, here, here, here, here, and here, with another … Continue reading

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The Power Stroke

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I got to thinking about the well-known correlation of El Ninos and global temperature. I knew that the Pacific temperatures lead the global temperatures, and the tropics lead the Pacific, but I’d never looked at … Continue reading

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New lab reference standard for CO2 and Methane

From the National Physical Laboratory, a rather curious press release that had a fact I didn’t know: the gas calibration standard sample for measuring CO2 comes from an obscure location in the Rocky Mountains. One would have thought Mauna Loa … Continue reading

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Claim: Offshore Wind Turbines for ‘Taming Hurricanes’

From the University of Delaware a press release I just can’t stop laughing about. Of course, they have no real-world tests of this claim, only “their sophisticated climate-weather model”. No numbers were given on turbine “mortality”, so one wonders how … Continue reading

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Bizarre: Anti-Defamation League apparently gives a green light to defamation of climate skeptics by comparing them to Holocaust Deniers

UPDATE: 2/27 6:30AM PST It seems the person making the attack, Shelley Rose, is part of a climate activist group, see below. UPDATE: 2/27 2:50PM PST, The ADL Atlanta website has deleted comments on the issue, and has closed the … Continue reading

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Climate change before our current CO2 worries wrecked Indian mega-cities

From the University of Cambridge, it makes you wonder how climate could just go and change abruptly on its own back then, with CO2 levels being in the “safe zone” and all that: =========================================================== Decline of Bronze Age ‘megacities’ linked … Continue reading

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A case of the vapours: source of ‘climate-active’ organic aerosol particles pinned down

From Forschungszentrum Juelich , comes what looks to be a pretty important discovery about how plant emitted aerosols like Great Smoky Mountains National Park haze comes about and grows large enough to reflect significant sunlight, something climate models don’t yet … Continue reading

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97% of pictures are worth 1000 climate words

Guest essay by By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley The Guardian, one of the fastest-collapsing “legacy” news media in Britain, is bleeding circulation more rapidly than almost any other national newspaper. One reason, perhaps, is that on the question of the … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – ‘Cooked up’ surveys lack integrity

Jo Nova writes: The so called “experts” (say like Stephan Lewandowsky, and John Cook) either don’t understand what drives skeptics, or they know but do their best “not to accidentally discover it” with irrelevant surveys, loaded questions, poor sampling and … Continue reading

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Confessions of a ‘Greenpeace Dropout’ to the U.S. Senate on climate change

Update: I’m making this a top “sticky post” for a couple of days, new stories will appear below this one. UPDATE: 2/27 3PM PST Dr. Moore leaves a comment, see below. Our friend Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, went … Continue reading

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Claim: ‘temperature, not snowfall, driving tropical glacier size’, but Climategate emails suggest otherwise

[UPDATE: and it's not just Climategate email, see the analysis by McIntyre added below - Anthony ] From Dartmouth College and the irascible Lonnie Thompson of OSU, who still ‘publicly’ thinks  in PR that Kilmanjaro and Peru’s Quelccaya glaciers are affected … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to CNN’s Carol Costello on ‘Why are we still debating climate change?’

The answer to your question is in your article. Guest opinion by David Hoffer Carol, in your recent CNN opinion piece, the headline was “Why are we still debating climate change?”. The very first statement in the article that followed … Continue reading

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