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Lewandowsky – call your office: Correlation is Meaningless

Readers may recall this survey: A poll to test the Lewandowsky methodology The results are in, which is why we can’t say global warming proponents support pedophilia. Guest essay by Brandon Schollenberger They don’t. The fact there is a correlation (0.14) … Continue reading

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Palau’s coral reefs surprisingly resistant to ocean acidification

Oh, darn, that’s not supposed to happen. Ove Hoegh-Guldberg will be outraged. Marine scientists working on the coral reefs of Palau have made two unexpected discoveries that could provide insight into corals’ resistance and resilience to ocean acidification. From the National … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn makes motion to dismiss Mann’s libel claim

From the “chilling effect” of sunlight department, Steyn writes: Many “climate skeptics” wonder why the defendants would want to get the complaint dismissed rather than put Mann through a trial in which he would have to take the witness stand … Continue reading

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Ho Ho! BBC threatens academic – demands ‘raw data’ for study

Derek Bateman reports: Fascinating to see the BBC’s priorities revealed so nakedly tonight when Pacific Quay management contacted the University of the West of Scotland to object to the UWS Bias in Broadcasting report  which, as far as I can … Continue reading

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A new Vinerism: ‘Climate change threatens Winter Olympics’

From the opportunist headlines department, and the department of Vinerisms “children just won’t know what snow is” comes this press release. Apparently Winter Olympics will be a thing of the past. Via Eurekalert: Only six of the previous Winter Olympics … Continue reading

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Newsbytes: NASA & NOAA Confirm Global Temperature Standstill Continues

In a joint press conference NOAA and NASA have just released data for the global surface temperature for 2013. In summary they both show that the ‘pause’ in global surface temperature that began in 1997, according to some estimates, continues. … Continue reading

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Monckton says he’ll take over the shuttered Pattern Recognition in Physics Journal

In an emotional commentary written for the WorldNetDaily (aka WND) Christopher Monckton has said that he’ll take over the journal and publish a first issue in March 2014. He displays what he calls a “mockup cover” (shown below) that consists … Continue reading

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Also-Rans: NCDC and GISS Global Surface Temperatures Finish 4th and 7th for 2013

Not a win, place or show between them. In other words, global surface temperatures are still stalled in the post-1997/98-El-Niño era. They are patiently waiting for another strong El Niño to release a batch of sunlight-created warm water from below … Continue reading

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Study: Changing Land-use Not Global Warming to Blame for Increased Flood Risk

Major flood events occur around the world every year, but with international loss databases documenting increased incidents of flooding, more material loss and greater fatality rates, are these events on the increase, and are they getting worse? A new study … Continue reading

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New study says ‘robust modeling’ predicted Antarctic sea ice to decrease, but the ice defies modeling

For those of you that have been looking for that point of reference about Antarctica’s increasing sea ice in contrast to the shrinking ice in the Arctic, look no further. A new study recently published in the Quarterly Journal of … Continue reading

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