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Guardian’s catastrophism leads circulation to plummet ?

Apparently, crazy non-factual opinion just doesn’t sell all that well. Kind of reminds me of the doomed “Air America” radio network. Climate resistance writes: There are of course a number of reasons for the decline of ‘dead tree media’, one … Continue reading

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Bill Gates – 3 Myths That Block Progress for The Poor

Bill gates annual letter, note his point about climate change. – Anthony By almost any measure, the world is better than it has ever been. People are living longer, healthier lives. Many nations that were aid recipients are now self-sufficient. … Continue reading

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An AGW opinion survey for your participation

Mike Haseler (aka the Scottish Sceptic) has prepared a survey asking for professional and personal opinion on AGW, and he has asked that I carry it here (unlike Lewandowsky). The rationale and link to the survey:

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Climate Craziness of the week: Guardian’s Damian Carrington ‘glass half full’ moment

This, is really quite something. We know the Guardian has lost just about all journalistic standards, but this one really takes the cake, especially from somebody who should know better. See the screen cap below.

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Newsbytes: EU Commission Abandons Binding Renewables Target

… But Agrees New Unilateral CO2 Target For 2030 The European Union set out new climate and energy goals for 2030 on Wednesday, proposing less stringent targets than in the past in a reflection of tougher economic circumstances and a … Continue reading

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Cold winter may actually cause Great Lakes water levels to rise

The recent Arctic blast that gripped much of the nation will likely contribute to a healthy rise in Great Lakes water levels in 2014, new research shows. But the processes responsible for that welcome outcome are not as simple and … Continue reading

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#spiritofmawson ship of fools apologize for mess, face recovery costs

ANTARCTIC expeditioners rescued by an Australian icebreaker have apologised for an operation that could cost taxpayers up to $2.4 million. Fifty-two passengers rescued from a Russian ship trapped in sea ice have arrived in Hobart aboard the Australian Antarctic vessel … Continue reading

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Riding A Mathemagical Solarcycle

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Among the papers in the Copernicus Special Issue of Pattern Recognition in Physics we find a paper from R. J. Salvador in which he says he has developed A mathematical model of the sunspot cycle … Continue reading

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Claim: Arctic warmth unprecedented in 44,000 years

Using radiocarbon dating, new research in Geophysical Research Letters has calculated the age of relic moss samples that have been exposed by modern Arctic warming. Results claim that temperatures in the Arctic are warmer than during any sustained period since … Continue reading

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