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Do super-tides kick start interglacials ?

Guest essay by Clive Best It is proposed that for the last 800,000 years  super-tides caused by maxima in orbital eccentricity have been the key factor needed to break up large northern ice sheets to enable the 41,000 year insolation … Continue reading

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No matter if it’s a climatic ‘pause’ or ‘jolt’, still no warming

Richard Kerr (Science) in 2009: Warming ‘Pause’ About to Be Replaced by ‘Jolt’ Guest essay by Robert Bradley Jr. “Pauses as long as 15 years are rare in the simulations, and ‘we expect that [real-world] warming will resume in the … Continue reading

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WUWT status report: now more popular than Discover Magazine

While I knew I was gaining on Grist, this was a surprise to me when I checked it today, so I thought I would share. The graph below shows many of the blogs and websites on climate. The Discover Magazine … Continue reading

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NYT Pushes the Rising Tide of Climate Nonsense – This time in the Dominican Republic

Guest Post by Kip Hansen I could not let this bit of silliness in the New York Times pass without comment as I have recently spent seven years in the Dominican Republic, doing various charity projects and humanitarian work on … Continue reading

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