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Risking lives to promote climate change hype

Yet another global warming expedition gets trapped in icebound ideology Guest opinion by Paul Driessen Will global warming alarmists ever set aside their hypotheses, hyperbole, models and ideologies long enough to acknowledge what is actually happening in the real world … Continue reading

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Climate campaigners start to eat their own over ‘Cleantech Crash’

The Center for American Progress affiliated attack group “Forecast the Facts” is turning on the CBS News magazine “60 Minutes” for reporting truthfully on the issues surrounding green technology last Sunday. See the press release below and the full video … Continue reading

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Australian Antarctic Division head Tony Fleming says they’ll make efforts to recover the cost of #spiritofmawson rescue

From radio 666 ABC in Canberra, Australia, full audio follows. Tony Fleming, director of the Australian Antarctic Division tells Louise Maher the AAD wasn’t linked to the Australasian Antarctic Expedition despite an implication by the expedition head that he had … Continue reading

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The Solar storm has arrived – initial impact weaker than expected

From NASA: Spaceweather: As expected, a CME hit Earth’s magnetic field on Jan. 9th (around 20:00 UTC or 3 p.m. EST). Although the initial impact was weaker than expected, geomagnetic storms could still develop as Earth passes through the CME’s … Continue reading

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The IPCC discards its models

Who will believe the CMIP5 models, after the IPCC plenary had to discount their temperature projections? Guest essay by Barry Brill Table SPM.2 Projected change in global mean surface temperature (°C) for the mid- and late 21st century relative to … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – climate induced ‘extreme weather’ has long been a concern of climate scientists

As the subzero ‘polar vortex’ that froze the nation turns into the latest selling point for global warmers, with even the White House getting in on the act, it is important to turn to history, because all this extreme weather … Continue reading

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Author of its Own Demise – musings on the AMO

Guest essay by Caleb Shaw I once had a very good science teacher who I fear I made wild, not so much by causing small explosions in the back of his classroom, (which I think he secretly approved of,) as … Continue reading

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Now it’s the fungi carbon footprint that isn’t in climate models

From a long line of missing things in climate models and the University of Texas at Austin: Symbiotic fungi inhabiting plant roots have major impact on atmospheric carbon, scientists say AUSTIN, Texas — Microscopic fungi that live in plants’ roots … Continue reading

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