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California Coastal Commission to solicit input on Global Warming driven sea level policy document

From the “we’ve already made up our minds, these hearings are simply for show” department. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (excerpt from the PDF report) Climate change is upon us, and almost every facet of California’s natural and built environment is being affected. … Continue reading

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The White House gets into the ‘polar vortex’ climate change blame business

Watch John Holdren struggle to explain  the “waviness” of the circumpolar vortex aka the ‘polar vortex’ in today’s news cycle. Also, he says: “If you’ve been hearing that extreme cold spells like the one we’re having in the United States … Continue reading

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Domino effect of chain reaction drainage of surface lakes led to the breakup of Larsen B Ice Shelf in 2002

No mention of “climate change” as the driver for the sudden event. When the Larsen B Ice Shelf in Antarctica collapsed in 2002, the event appeared to be a sudden response to climate change, and this long, fringing ice shelf … Continue reading

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USA cold weather records outnumber warm records 6 to 1

Records for the “polar vortex” outbreak show a big disparity between warm and cold records. There were 655 cold records in the past week compared to 101 warm records, a ratio of 6.5 to 1. Cold temperature records have been … Continue reading

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Could this study on honesty and government service explain the EPA climateer fraud and ‘Climategate’ ?

A new paper published the National Bureau of Economic Research has given an insight that may explain some of the personal decisions that led to the recent EPA corruption fiasco Massive fraud at the EPA from agency’s top paid climate official … Continue reading

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