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Upwelling Solar, Upwelling Longwave

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The CERES dataset contains three main parts—downwelling solar radiation, upwelling solar radiation, and upwelling longwave radiation. With the exception of leap-year variations, the solar dataset does not change from year to year over a few … Continue reading

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A Sober Look At The Northern Polar Vortex

Image Credit NASA – Polar Vortex on Venus WUWT Regular “Just The Facts” Currently there is a lot of media hype about the Polar Vortex over North America, but little in the way of coherent explanation as to what a … Continue reading

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Akademik Shokalskiy and the Xue Long have broken free from the ice in Antarctica and are no longer in need of assistance

Well that’s the end of that story…until investigations begin. Press release: 12:30pm AEDT, Wednesday 8 January 2014 Antarctic rescue operations complete The Australian Maritime Safety Authority can confirm that the Akademik Shokalskiy and the Xue Long have broken free from … Continue reading

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Putting Headlines Ahead of Science

Essay by Patrick J. Michaels This article appeared in Orange County Register on January 2, 2014. On Dec. 10, Randy Schekman, a UC Berkeley professor, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. The day before, he published an … Continue reading

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X class solar flare ejection may hit Earth with solar storm

From the WUWT Solar Reference page, an X 1.2 event has occurred: From NASA Spaceweather: Giant sunspot AR1944 erupted on Jan 7th at approximately 1832 UT, producing a powerful X1-class solar flare. First-look coronagraph images from the STEREO-Ahead spacecraft appear … Continue reading

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Russian ship ‘Akademik Shokalskiy’ stuck in Antarctic Ice starts moving again, per my forecast – both ships have broken free of ice!

The Akademik Shokalskiy and the Xue Long have broken free of heavy ice and are making progress towards open water. bit.ly/1lzF4KQ— AMSA News (@AMSA_News) January 07, 2014 It seems my forecast worked out well. From RT news: A Russian-built ship … Continue reading

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‘Polar Vortex’ – the movie

With all the hullabaloo surrounding the phrase ‘polar vortex” in media today, you just knew, this had to be coming. At least it looks more interesting than “Sharknado“.

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Watch the USA in ‘polar vortex’ deep freeze – live

Top sticky post – new posts will appear below this one. This map below updates every hour, and shows city temperatures along with temperature gradients. Can you believe 18F in Atlanta (midday) at the time of this writing? Low temperature … Continue reading

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Despite Climate Campaigners Efforts, Germany’s New Coal Boom Reaches Record Level

From The GWPF and Dr. Benny Peiser Dirty Coal Revived As Europe Speeds Green Retreat With Greenpeace successfully forcing the shutdown of nuclear power, and keeping out fracking for gas, what’s left? A boom in coal. In fact, over the … Continue reading

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Gore ejects Fox as Climate Reality Project support wanes

From Breitbart: Confirmed. Maggie L. Fox is on the out at Gore’s CRP. Here is the “resignation” letter sent to the mailing list. Name of recipient redacted.

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Is England’s Bad Weather A Sign Of Climate Change?

By Paul Homewood The December floods in England have been a big story recently, and, of course, still remain a problem. The term “extreme weather” has been bandied about, along with the inevitable connotation of “climate change”. ( I may … Continue reading

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Canceled carbon footprint savings

From the University of California – Berkeley Suburban sprawl cancels carbon footprint savings of dense urban cores Interactive maps of US metro areas shows striking differences between cities and suburbs According to a new study by researchers at the University … Continue reading

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