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Leif Svalgaard at AGU on the Current Solar Cycle: ‘None of us alive have ever seen such a weak cycle’

WUWT’s resident solar expert Dr. Leif Svalgaard (and others) says  ‘None of us alive have ever seen such a weak cycle’  and the panel he was on talk about the current state of our solar cycle at the AGU Fall … Continue reading

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Defusing the Arctic Methane Time Bomb

Guest Post by David Middleton The Arctic methane time bomb keeps ticking… From Scientific American… Climatewire More Arctic Methane Bubbles into Atmosphere A new study suggests more than twice as much of the potent greenhouse gas is bubbling out of … Continue reading

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Over 2000 cold and snow records set in the USA this past week

Compare to 98 high temperature records, and 141 high minimum temperature records Quite an imbalance in weather records this week. Even the AGU fall meeting in San Francisco where the best and brightest global warming scientists were meeting was surrounded … Continue reading

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Friday Funny? Meet the new spokesperson for ‘I Heart Climate Scientists’

This ranks right up there with Heartland’s blunderous Unabomber billboard.

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