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Pathetic press release from House Democrats disappears the testimony of Christy and Pielke

Ah, politics, the stench of spin is strong here. Note the picture below. Left to right are Dr. John Christy, Dr. David Titley, and Dr. Roger Pielke Jr.. In the text, Christy and Pielke don’t even exist, because, well, this … Continue reading

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From AGU: comet ISON’s struggle of Fire and Ice

San Francisco – After a year of observations, scientists waited with bated breath on Nov. 28, 2013, as Comet ISON made its closest approach to the sun, known as perihelion. Would the comet disintegrate in the fierce heat and gravity … Continue reading

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Observed sea level rise still is (just) within the ‘natural range’

From the University of Southampton What the past tells us about modern sea-level rise Researchers from the University of Southampton and the Australian National University report that sea-level rise since the industrial revolution has been fast by natural standards and … Continue reading

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Zeke, Mosher, and Rohde and the new BEST dataset

L-R Zeke Hausfather, Robert Rhode, Steven Mosher And here is the poster

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Ice melting Arctic cyclones more common than previously thought

Remember the Arctic cyclone that chopped up the Arctic sea ice in 2012, resulting in a new record low summer extent for the satellite era? It turns out they are rather common. From the AGU Fall Meeting and the Ohio … Continue reading

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