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A Theory Ready for Extinction

Don’t worry too much over those warmist predictions that millions of species will soon be lost to climate change. Judging by their methods it is the doomsayers who are the real dodos Guest essay by Dr. David Stockwell Will climate … Continue reading

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The self induced implosion of Dana Nuccitelli

I’ve stayed out of this fracas and watched it all unfold from the sidelines on Twitter the last two days. My entry into it (with this post) was prompted by an unlikely catalyst: Keith Kloor, who I find myself agreeing … Continue reading

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Geoengineering approaches to reduce climate change unlikely to succeed

From the EGU: Heavy rainfall events can be more common in a warmer world (Credit: Annett Junginger, distributed via imaggeo.egu.eu) Reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the planet’s surface by geoengineering may not undo climate change after all. Two German … Continue reading

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Giant Convection Cells Found on the Sun

NASA’s Dr. David Hathaway has just published a new paper, and it has advanced solar science. He’s found something they’ve been looking for a long time; long lived convection cells. Massive, long-lasting plasma flows 15 times the diameter of Earth … Continue reading

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Ross Gelbspan’s disappearing act of inconvenient climate dialog

The Need to Screencapture Global Warming Promoters’ Words (because what’s seen on the internet cannot be unseen) Guest essay by Russell Cook Just over two weeks ago, my blog piece here explained how Ross Gelbspan’s claim about industry intimidation of … Continue reading

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CNN mocks Greenpeace’s “Save Santa’s Home” video

An urgent message from Santa These green people never seem to learn. A couple of years ago it was nutball David Suzuki and his fundraising drive to “save” Santa’s home from melting: Now, not to be outdone in the “please … Continue reading

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Video: Comments on Human-Induced Global Warming – Episode 2 – Introduction to the Halt in Global Warming

This is the second in a series of videos that examines hypothetical human-induced global warming and claims made by global warming enthusiasts. As noted in the title, it presents an introduction to the halt—a.k.a. the hiatus, the pause—in global warming. … Continue reading

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New ice core record shows climate variability in West Antarctica

Similar warming and cooling trends occurred in the mid-nineteenth and eighteenth centuries From AGU highlights: A 308-year ice core record provides new data on climate variability in coastal West Antarctica and shows that a clear warming trend has occurred in … Continue reading

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