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James Cameron decides to scare people about climate at Halloween

From the Department of amalgamated dumbasses who own mansions, comes this trailer via Newsbuster’s Noel Sheppard: Showtime announced last year that it had commissioned Oscar-winning filmmaker James Cameron to produce an eight-part series for the network designed to scare the … Continue reading

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Blind faith in climate models

WUWT reader Jim Cripwell writes in a comment I’m so annoyed with this…From today’s GWPF, I find I quote: “The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department of Energy and Climate Change (Baroness Verma) (Con): The UK government has made substantial … Continue reading

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New paper shows Medieval Warm Period was global in scope

Andrew Revkin writes: Michael Mann can’t be happy about this work. Here’s a chat with two authors of an important new Science paper examining 10,000 years of layered fossil plankton in the western Pacific Ocean. The paper finds that several … Continue reading

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New Primary GOES-R instrument will provide even better satellite imagery than Gore’s old ‘Triana’ satellite idea

Imager will provide greater detail to forecasters – video follows A key instrument that will fly on the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite – R (GOES-R) spacecraft, NOAA’s next-generation of geostationary satellites, is cleared for installation on the spacecraft. The Advanced … Continue reading

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An ‘Uh Oh’ moment in Nature – IPCC Climate panel is ripe for examination

It is fitting this is published near Halloween time in Nature, because the IPCC is full of scare stories. IPCC: Climate panel is ripe for examination Mike Hulme & Martin Mahony Nature 502, 624  (31 October 2013) doi:10.1038/502624c Published online  … Continue reading

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New paper suggests the sun’s magnetic fields defines climate over the long term

Story submitted by Cornelis de Jager (past president ICSU;past pres. COSPAR) In a recent publication entitled Terrestrial ground temperature variation in relation to solar magnetic variability, including the present Schwabe cycle, Cornelis (Kees) de Jager and Hans Nieuwenhuijzen, from the … Continue reading

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September 2013 Global Surface (Land+Ocean) Temperature Anomaly Update

Sorry this is so late. The NCDC and GISS updates were delayed by the government shutdown. Because it is so late, it includes the September 2013 HADCRUT4 data from the UKMO. It’s so late I’ve already published the Preliminary October … Continue reading

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How long before we reach the catastrophic 2°C warming?

Guest essay by Neil Catto The other day I conducted a presentation using the UK CET, like I have on several occasions. Along with explaining it as the longest recognised instrumental record of historical temperature anywhere on Earth, it is … Continue reading

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IPCC sea level exaggeration

NZCLIMATE TRUTH NEWSLETTER NO 319 by Vincent Gray, Wellington New Zealand Chapter 13 of the IPCC 5th WGI Report claims that sea level will rise by an amount between 0.26 to 0.97 metres by 2100 according to which of their … Continue reading

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Claim: El Nino events get more extreme as globe warms

From the University of New South Wales  and the “chicken or the egg” department comes this claim that El Niño events will increase in intensity. Meanwhile the milquetoast La Nada of the present continues. New method shows how historical ENSO … Continue reading

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How to Cure a Climate Change Denier

Here is a book with a twist – an eco gone rogue and self modified into a climate change “denier”. His experience parallels many, actually, including some of mine (though I’d never join Greenpeace, UPDATE: and now after having read … Continue reading

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Statistical Analyses of Surface Temperatures in the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report

Guest essay by Douglas J. Keenan Temperatures on Earth’s surface—i.e. where people live—are widely believed to provide evidence for global warming.  Demonstrating that those temperatures actually provide evidence, though, requires doing statistical analysis. All such statistical analyses of the temperatures … Continue reading

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Commonsense Climate Science and Forecasting after AR5

Guest Essay by Dr. Norman Page 1.The Demise of the IPCC and the CAGW Delusion. a) Overview. In the AR5 Summary for Policymakers the IPCC glossed over  the developing cooling trend in global temperatures and so lost the last vestige of … Continue reading

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Quite possibly the world’s dumbest Kickstarter project for climate

God help us. These “artistes” write: The scientific community can meet us in December when we bring the calendar to the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting. This is the world’s largest gathering of Earth and space scientists: 20,000 of them … Continue reading

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Good news from NOAA: coral reefs can adapt to warming

NOAA is dialing back the alarm a bit with realizations that nature has equipped these organisms with adaptation strategies that have served them over the millennia. New study suggests coral reefs may be able to adapt to moderate climate change … Continue reading

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WUWT: The newest entry on climate social media leaderboard

Welcome @wattsupwiththat: Straight in at #29 on @SustMeme Climate Change & Energy Top 500, with @solarcentury— SustMeme Top 500 (@SustMemeTop500) October 29, 2013 The encouraging news is that WUWT is beating Andy Revkin’s “Dot Earth”, Climate Central, and “any … Continue reading

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The WUWT Hot Sheet for Tuesday Oct 29th 2013

Bill McKibben’s crazy logic: He says wind is cheap as coal. Jo Nova says “so who needs a carbon tax then?” To which I say, fantastic. If wind power is as cheap as coal, we don’t need a carbon tax, … Continue reading

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IPCC Adjusts Model-Predicted Near-Term Warming Downwards

This is another post that illustrates and discusses just how poorly climate models simulate one of the most important climate variables: global surface temperatures. I’ve included a copy of this post in pdf format, linked at the end, for readers … Continue reading

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Sat imagery of Bushfires in New South Wales, Australia

From NASA: NASA’s Terra satellite detected dozens of bushfires continued raging in the Australian state of New South Wales, outside of Sydney. Sydney is the state capital and the most populated city in Australia.

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The big stink 93.9 million years ago – blame CO2

From the University of California – Riverside , and the department of sulfurous odors, comes this “it must be carbon dioxide” moment: “Also associated with this event are high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which are linked to … Continue reading

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The UK Saint Jude’s Day Storm – just another fall storm in a long line of many

By Paul Homewood It has been variously described as “The Storm of the Century”, “Unprecedented”, “Superstorm” and “A repeat of 1987”. I refer, of course, to the St. Jude storm that passed through early this morning  and is now headed … Continue reading

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Solar spectral irradiance, UV, and declining solar activity – a Maunder Minimum mechanism for cooler temperature?

Since Paul Hudson has made a bold claim at the BBC related to a recent interview with solar scientist Mike Lockwood: BBC – Real risk of a Maunder minimum ‘Little Ice Age’, I thought it appropriate to share this recent communications … Continue reading

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BBC – Real risk of a Maunder minimum ‘Little Ice Age’

From BBC’s Paul Hudson It’s known by climatologists as the ‘Little Ice Age’, a period in the 1600s when harsh winters across the UK and Europe were often severe. The severe cold went hand in hand with an exceptionally inactive … Continue reading

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Do the Math – Count the cash

Al Gore, Bill McKibben and the color of money: A true religious experience Guest essay by Paul Driessen and Dennis Mitchell Some years ago, a telegenic televangelist built quite an empire, before publicly falling from grace and adopting a less … Continue reading

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Long Green

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach The US has some of the world’s most boring looking money—it’s all green. So we have terms like “greenbacks” for dollars, and “long green”, meaning lots of money. I offer this as context for what … Continue reading

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Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup

The Week That Was: 2013-10-26 (October 26, 2013) Brought to You by SEPP ( The Science and Environmental Policy Project ################################################### Quote of the Week: Our imagination is stretched to the utmost, not, as in fiction, to imagine things which … Continue reading

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Open thread weekend

One topic to consider: It seems that there are plenty of holes in the Miller et al paper to go around. Steve McIntyre adds more moss here.

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Tamino Resorts to Childish Attempts at Humor But Offers Nothing of Value

INITIAL NOTE: This post includes a link to and title of a recent post by Tamino, in which he attempted sophomoric humor in an effort to amuse his audience. While I realize responding to it at the same base level … Continue reading

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Atlantic Hurricane Season Quietest in 45 Years

Image Credit: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) – National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) By WUWT Regular Just The Facts From the Insurance Journal: “The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season looks set to go down as a big washout, marking the … Continue reading

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Gore: by his numbers, ye shall know him

I predicted this in the essay Oh yeah, I forgot. This is on. Yesterday I got this fantabulous self congratulatory email from Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project: Note the link to the recording in green at the bottom. That is … Continue reading

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Claim: ‘[in]ability to adapt to changes in climate patterns’ is causing losses in third world countries

From Inderscience Publishers and United Nations University: Loss and damage from climate change Despite attempts at adaption losses and damage from climate change are significant An open access special issue of the International Journal of Global Warming brings together, for … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – A Tribute to the Life of Climate Change

Perhaps a eulogy will help Dana Nuccitelli and others come to terms with the death of the AGW hypothesis. By Craig Lindberg Perhaps Dana Nuccitelli and others can’t come to terms with the death of the AGW hypothesis because Climate … Continue reading

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Claim: Last 100 years may be warmest in 120,000 years in the Arctic, but not so fast (UPDATED)

From the University of Colorado at Boulder, comes this study about radiocarbon dating some dead moss clumps exposed from under ice/snow at 4 locations on Baffin Island that somehow proves “unprecedented” warmth for the entire Arctic for the last 120,000 … Continue reading

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Epic Failure of the Canadian Climate Model

Guest Essay by: Ken Gregory The Canadian Centre for Climate Modeling and Analysis located at the University of Victoria in British Columbia submitted five runs of its climate model CanESM2 for use in the fifth assessment report of the International … Continue reading

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A new record: the most sea ice in Antarctica in 30 years by extent and by volume

Translated by Google from this press release in German at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Germany: Never so much sea ice at Antarctica in the last 30 years In light of global warming, it seems paradoxical that the sea ice … Continue reading

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