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Canadian Tragedy

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach I was saddened to read this morning that a train with a load of crude oil derailed and caught fire in Lac-Mégantic, Canada, and I started writing this post. I heard during the afternoon there … Continue reading

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Call for essays: The 2013 Matt Ridley Prize

The Matt Ridley prize for exposing environmental pseudoscience was inspired by Matt’s discovery that a Ridley family trust was making money from a wind farm company. All too often, hysterical groupthink, based on bad science, creates a climate in which politicians intone … Continue reading

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Why Less Summer Ice Increases Bear Populations

Guest essay by Jim Steel, Director Emeritus, San Fransisco State University “Annual primary production in the Arctic has increased yearly … Should these trends continue, additional loss of ice during Arctic spring could boost productivity >3-fold above 1998–2002 levels” 1  … Continue reading

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Models Fail: Greenland and Iceland Land Surface Air Temperature Anomalies

I’m always amazed when global warming enthusiasts announce that surface temperatures in some part of the globe are warming faster than simulated by climate models. Do they realize they’re advertising that the models don’t work well for the area in … Continue reading

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