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Further to a 1740-type event

Guest essay by David Archibald This post drew attention to the similarity between the recent warm decades and the period leading up to the extremely cold year of 1740. Now let’s investigate how a 1740-type event might play out. This … Continue reading

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Dutch meteorological institute KNMI critical of IPCC- suggests they are leaving out study of natural climate variability

Dutch advice to IPCC: limiting the scope to human induced climate change is undesirable by Marcel Crok op 5 juli 2013% Governments around the world have been asked by IPCC to think about the future of the IPCC. The Netherlands … Continue reading

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Watch Michael Mann’s self aggrandizing AGU presentation

He’s still pushing the same old stuff; Mannian certified hockey sticks, evil skeptics, and a persecution complex to make up for his own lack of transparency.

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Questions for NOAA and NPS Death Valley that have gone unanswered related to the 100 year celebration of the ‘hottest ever temperature’

http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/vef/deathvalley/ I sent this last Tuesday, I have not seen a response from either individual listed here as press contacts at the press release for the 100th anniversary of the hottest temperature ever. Perhaps the questions are just too difficult. … Continue reading

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WMO Repeats “Hottest Decade Ever” Mantra

By Paul Homewood I’m not sure why it has taken them two years, but the World Meteorological Organisation have just got round to telling us that 2001-10 was hotter than the previous decade. According to the Age: The planet has … Continue reading

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