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Model Climate Sensitivity Calculated Directly From Model Results

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach [UPDATE: Steven Mosher pointed out that I have calculated the transient climate response (TCR) rather than the equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS). For the last half century, the ECS has been about 1.3 times the TCR … Continue reading

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Stop global warming, get paid $12-13 per hour

…plus benefits if you work more than 350 hours… Spotted on the Orange County Craigslist by WUWT reader “Roy”, you’d think with a €236.9 million (2011) budget, they could afford something other than Craigslist.

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Senator Whitehouse apologizes for inciteful tornado remarks

Recall this story from yesterday: US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse From Rhode Island Provides Erroneous Information To American Public in Global Warming Rant Foxnews reports on the apology. Note that about the same time, Barbara Boxer was making similar claims.  Later, … Continue reading

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Widespread evidence of cosmic impact documented – likely cause of the Younger Dryas cool climate episode

From the University of California – Santa Barbara some paleoclimatology without the need to see hockey sticks. Comprehensive analysis of impact spherules supports theory of cosmic impact 12,800 years ago (Santa Barbara, California) –– About 12,800 years ago when the … Continue reading

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Oklahoma tornado officially an EF5 – wind speeds still less than 1999 Moore tornado

The map below shows ‘Tornado Tracks Streak Across Oklahoma’ as measured by doppler radar. The rotation of tornadoes creates a distinctive signature in radar data, and can be used to estimate the track that the system takes over land. This … Continue reading

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Stunning ignorance on display from Senator Barbara Boxer over Oklahoma tornado outbreak

Via POLITICO’s Morning Energy – May 21, 2013: Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif. – Chair of Senate Environment & Public Works Committee) took to the Senate floor and invoked the Oklahoma tornadoes in her speech on global warming. “This is climate … Continue reading

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Cook’s 97% consensus study falsely classifies scientists’ papers according to the scientists that published them

UPDATE: More inconsistency: Cook survey included 10 of my 122 eligible papers. 5/10 were rated incorrectly. 4/5 were rated as endorse rather than neutral.— Richard Tol (@RichardTol) May 22, 2013 =========================================== When asked about the categorizations of Cook et al, … Continue reading

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