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Good news: World’s biggest ice sheets likely more stable than previously believed – upsets previous estimates of melting and sea level

Researchers show that high ancient shorelines do not necessarily reflect ice sheet collapse millions of years ago From the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research: For decades, scientists have used ancient shorelines to predict the stability of today’s largest ice sheets … Continue reading

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Climate control – lather, rinse, repeat

We always talk about and are lectured to about how “weather is not climate”. Of course that’s a flexible meme, because now when the weather turns hot or bad, climate is to blame. I had to go to Walmart today … Continue reading

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Are regional models ready for prime time?

Guest post by Marcel Crok A few months ago we  made the launch of the international discussion platform . This week we start the third dialogue about the (added) value of regional climate models. We have three excellent participants joining … Continue reading

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Mike Mann’s global warming = tobacco claims on Al Jazeera

You just have to laugh. Mike, Dana, and some other guy named Rick Piltz, get face-time on Al Jazeera and the best they can do is cite “false balance” and “tobacco disinformation campaigns” to bolster their weak 97% argument? Of … Continue reading

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Claim: How the IPCC arrived at climate sensitivity of about 3 deg C instead of 1.2 deg C.

UPDATE from Girma: “My title should have been ‘How to arrive at IPCC’s climate sensitivity estimate’ instead of the original” Guest essay by Girma Orssengo, PhD 1) IPCC’s 0.2 deg C/decade warming rate gives a change in temperature of dT … Continue reading

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