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What We Don’t Know

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach Back in August 2010, WUWT ran an article wherein it was claimed that variations in the sun changed the rate of radioactive decay. This, of course, flew in the face of years and years of … Continue reading

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Corn up 7% worldwide, Paul Ehrlich of course sees agricultural collapse

While the alarmists wail over 400PPM of CO2, and push doom and gloom crop failure scenarios, in the real world where people risk money and livelihood, the news is far, far, better. Source: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-25/world-grain-harvest-seen-jumping-7-by-igc-on-corn-crop-surge.html Of course Paul Ehrlich thinks the … Continue reading

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Solar panels as inexpensive as paint?

This would be nice, except this idea keeps surfacing every couple of years, and I’ve yet to see one actually become viable. – Anthony “Organic photovoltaics can be fabricated over large areas on rigid or flexible substrates potentially becoming as … Continue reading

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Premature 400 PPM fail-a-bration

It seems we didn’t reach 400PPM last week after all. The data has been revised. Ooops. ‘Carbon dioxide measurements in the Earth’s atmosphere did not break the symbolic milestone of 400 parts per million at a Hawaiian observatory last week, … Continue reading

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Quote of the week – Cook’s cartooning crash

Via Tom Nelson Stranger than fiction: A little background on the cartooning and cricket blogging of John Cook of Skeptical Science, Al Gore’s Climate “Reality” drop partner.

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The Chinese demonstrate that UHI has a real and essential effect on regional climate change

Study finds that urbanization has considerable influence on the regional climate change, they even blame proximity to air-conditioning as a factor. Press release from Science China Press (full paper follows) Urbanization and surface warming in eastern China A recent study … Continue reading

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Wild claim from University of East Anglia

No mays, coulds, or mights here in this press release headline from UEA. They say “will“.  As usual, they assume nature so poorly equipped her creations that they can’t adapt. That’s some ballsy certainty. Climate change will cause widespread global-scale … Continue reading

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Are wind turbines killing off the whooping crane population?

An attempt to stimulate discussion about whether or not wind turbines could kill off all endangered whooping cranes in only five years, as some environmentalists suggest. Guest post by Caleb Shaw I am having trouble getting to the bottom of … Continue reading

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