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Met Office Hadley Centre and Climatic Research Unit HadCRUT4 and CRUTEM4 Temperature Data Sets Adjusted/Corrected/Updated… Can You Guess The Impact?

Image Credit: Met Office Hadley Centre By Just The Facts, Werner Brozek and Walter Dnes The Met Office Hadley Centre and the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, have adjusted/corrected/updated their HadCRUT4 & CRUTEM4 data sets, the … Continue reading

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Open thread Sunday

I have family duties today. In my last open thread I noted that “WUWT story submissions have been a dry hole lately”. I’m happy to report that I found out why and that wasn’t the case at all. 

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Lomborg: Californians are paying ridiculous subsidies for electric cars

 Guest post by Bjørn Lomborg I’ve said electric cars get subsidized too much. Turns out I was wrong. In California, they are subsidized ridiculously too much. Tesla gets $45,000 for each car it sells in state and federal subsidies. The … Continue reading

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Is this what the beginning of glaciation looks like?

While ice fishing is still going on in some parts of Minnesota, other parts are having what looks like glacier advance in the back yards that is damaging some homes. As for climate change worries, you can always figure out … Continue reading

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