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Still waiting for spring in Minnesota

Guest post by A. Scott Even though we all know “weather is not “climate,” that rarely stops CAGW’s fiercest proponents, so we might as well have a little fun with it as well. This weekend is the 2013 Minnesota State … Continue reading

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The 400 PPM FUD Factory: T-shirts now available

Steve Milloy at JunkScience points out what is above the fold in the NYT today – FUD Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt Here’s his scan of the front page at right: Readers may recall my post What 400 ppm of CO2 in … Continue reading

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IPCC’s AR5 Frankenscience – bringing proxies back from the dead

Josh writes: Steve McIntyre has a hilarious post on the desperate measures needed to get some non peer reviewed papers into the IPCC’s AR5. I am not sure where the phrase ‘Frankenscience’ comes from but it seems appropriate for AR5 which … Continue reading

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A step in the right direction? Major shift in the UK’s government attitude to climate change

Story submitted by D.McNeil I’d like to bring some points to the attention of your readers that were raised in an article in the Independent published on 11th May 2013  It would appear to indicate a major shift in the … Continue reading

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The Spencer Challenge to Slayers/Principia

Dr. Roy Spencer has made a challenge to the Slayers/Principia folks who keep insisting the greenhouse effect doesn’t exist at all. For example, see the front page claim at right from the Principia web page where they claim the greenhouse … Continue reading

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