Monday Mirthiness – Josh draws ‘born to be mild’

Josh provides some comic relief over Dana Nuccitelli’s “meany mode”.


The backstory starts here

For those who don’t know the song pun in the title, read about it here

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37 Responses to Monday Mirthiness – Josh draws ‘born to be mild’

  1. PaulID says:

    love it “scooter” needs to man up and admit that he is pushing a non-issue to further his own political ends.

  2. dfbaskwill says:

    This was an “average” post. “Median” on the scale of what’s usually posted. I wouldn’t compare it to others I have read. hee hee hee

  3. Don says:

    “Why do I have to move with a crowd
    Of kids that hardly notice I’m around,
    I have to work myself to death just to fit in.”

    -Cut My Hair from Quadrophenia by The Who

    Add four rear-view mirrors and a zoot suit and Dana becomes angsty Jimmy, desperate to find acceptance but lacking the native “warm” (warm is the new “cool”) to obtain it. “Green” with envy. Identity buried deeply in a false paradigm. Cue-up the stages of grief.

  4. OssQss says:

    What,,,,,,, no Supermandia style cape or boots Josh? LOL

  5. Rick K says:

    I hope he doesn’t drive over the median…

  6. Nigel S says:

    How much cash has he hidden in the fossil fuel tank? (Taking us for an ‘Easy Ride’)

  7. Dave says:

    Josh missed his shades… the man has to have eye protection when riding such a monsterous beast.

  8. FerdinandAkin says:

    Dana has a racing gas cap and a high performance kick stand on that scoot! (Professionally installed down at the Jiffy Lube)

  9. Robert L says:

    The semi – beard was a nice touch .

  10. NavarreAggie says:

    Oh, come on. That’s just not fair to pick on a guy named “Dana”.


  11. Josh, you are a national treasure!

  12. Steven Mosher says:

    the scooter of course is the perfect vehicle for a Mod.

    back in the day– LA, early 80’s Moshpit loved the Mod scene

    some buddies..

  13. Rhoda R says:

    Martin Rettig: I have to disagree – Josh is an INTERNATIONAL treasure!

  14. Stephen Brown says:

    Dana! On a PINK scooter!
    He’d be right at home in Brighton, where the Rockers lurk in wait!

  15. Fred from Canuckistan says:

    very average looking scooter.

  16. dayday says:

    How about a bit of Jasper

  17. bwanamakubwa says:

    For some deep background, which I’m sure Josh is aware of, just google “Mods and Rockers Brighton”.

  18. Michael Putnam says:

    In order for this to be funny, the joke has to be heavily skewed….

  19. jeez says:

    you meany heads don’t realize how Dana perceives himself.

  20. SC-Slywolf says:

    Does this refer to his MODE of transportation?

  21. Ric Werme says:

    I thought Dana wore blinders.

  22. _Jim says:

    I thought “Dana” was a girl’s name, having met a number of them to this point in life.

    I guess it still is …


  23. One thing missing are the streamers that kids put on the ends of the handlebars of their bikes.

  24. Mickey Reno says:

    Get your motor running, head out on the highway. The engines on those things are extremely dirty. What in the hell does he think he’s doing, using an internal combustion engine for his selfish personal transportation needs.

    If he had spoked wheels, he could put playing cards in the spokes using clothes pins, and then it would sound really bad-ass.

    Maybe he could loan his scooter to “Super” Scott Mandia. Imagine that image and despair. Oh, if he did loan it to Super Scott, Super Scott would need to add a basket on the front for carrying the hockey stick.

    Who knows that Dana didn’t buy that thing because he saw this scene at the Vespa dealer:

  25. Werner Brozek says:

    Check out this climate change cartoon

  26. Steve McIntyre says:
  27. Janice Moore says:

    Well done, Josh. I like your having Dipatelli (that’s what came to mind when I momentarily forgot his name!) his mouth hanging open, like he’s having to make his own “RRRRRrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” because his little engine is so pitifully weak (appropriately, just like his rhetoric and his scholarship).

  28. Steve C says:

    NavarreAggie says (April 22, 12:22 pm):
    That’s just not fair to pick on a guy named “Dana”.

    Aha! The ad nom argument!

  29. BrianJay says:

    1. Mods wore suits, parkas and no crash helmet.
    2. Cruising for a bruising came from Grease by the late great Jeff Conaway.

  30. JabbaTheCat says:

    Here is a real scooter from the intro to Quadrophenia…

  31. DaveA says:

    Dana sure labours on in his conclusion, took three paragraphs to say “ignore Nic’s study because his estimate is low”.

  32. John Whitman says:

    The pen scooter is not mightier than the sword.


  33. Sparks says:

    Are we making fun of his MODE of transport?

  34. Gunga Din says:

    “For those who don’t know the song pun in the title, read about it here”
    At one time I had started a parody using this song. I lost my notes though. (My wife has this nasty habit of cleaning up around the computer.8-)
    All I remember was that it was going to be, “Bound to be wrong”.

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