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Now I’ve heard everything

From the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science Ocean acidification as a hearing aid for fish? Study shows that effects of changing ocean pH may result in increase in the hearing sensitivity of fish MIAMI – … Continue reading

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Numeracy in Climate Discussions – how long will it take to get a 6C rise in temperature?

The answer may surprise you Note: This essay is a result of an email discussion this morning, I asked Dr. Happer to condense and complete that discussion for the benefit of WUWT readers. This is one of the most enlightening … Continue reading

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Gavin skeptic mode: ON – for Skeptical Science

Bishop Hill notes this interesting bit about Gavin Schmidt and Dana Nuccitelli, and rather than try to rewrite the excellent dry wit in a few sentences going on here, well I’ll just let you read what he said at Bishop … Continue reading

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An Evening with His Lordship

Guest post by WUWT volunteer moderator Andi Cockroft I was fortunate the other night to attend a presentation by Christopher Monckton as part of his Climate of Freedom Tour of New Zealand. Organised and arranged by Climate Realist NZ (not … Continue reading

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These guys could use some help with slapstick

People send me stuff. Robert Sheaffer sent part of a blog post titled: The “hockey stick” slaps back  by Donald Prothero After reading it, this is what I mailed back:

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Another paper finds lower climate sensitivity

Yesterday we talked about the new paper from Nic Lewis, now Troy Masters has a new paper in press at Climate Dynamics here. Observational estimate of climate sensitivity from changes in the rate of ocean heat uptake and comparison to … Continue reading

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