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Fireworks in the EU Parliament over “the pause” in global warming

It seems the debate is getting a bit testy in the land of watercress sandwiches and doilies*. “Man-made global-warming hypothesis is dead in the water” says Godfrey Bloom MEP, but it gets better, he points a finger at the chairman … Continue reading

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NCDC omits inconvenient data in public climate releases?

The NCDC Goes Ahistorical Guest post by Ken Meyercord On March 19th last I sent the following email to Derek Arndt, Chief of the Climate Monitoring Branch at the NCDC: “I noticed that on the National Climatic Data Center website … Continue reading

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On the scales of warming worry magnitudes–part 1

A few weeks after my paper came out I have received quite unexpected but greatly appreciated offer from Anthony to write a summary of the paper for his blog site. The paper’s title is: Should We Worry About the Earth’s … Continue reading

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NCAR says targeting specific pollutants would slow SLR

From the  National Center for Atmospheric Research/University Corporation for Atmospheric Research I can see the EPA jumping all over this one. Black carbon is likely a contributor, as it changes the albedo of ice sheets and one that is much … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week – an interesting admission at RealClimate

Models: some are good, some are not so good, some are useless.

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Everything in Moderation

It has taken Anthony a lot of hard work to make WUWT the success it is, and success comes at a price, which in blogging terms means even more hard work. The recent changes at WUWT are intended to lessen … Continue reading

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Recent climate, glacier changes in Antarctica at the ‘upper bound’ of normal

From the University of Washington some walkback? In the last few decades, glaciers at the edge of the icy continent of Antarctica have been thinning, and research has shown the rate of thinning has accelerated and contributed significantly to sea … Continue reading

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More on Trenberth’s Missing Heat

In the post Trenberth Still Searching for Missing Heat, we discussed the recent Balmaseda et al (2013) paper “Distinctive climate signals in reanalysis of global ocean heat content”, of which Kevin Trenberth was a coauthor. Dr. Roy Spencer also has … Continue reading

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