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Spurious Varvology

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach As Anthony discussed here at WUWT, we have yet another effort to re-animate the long-dead “hockeystick” of Michael Mann. This time, it’s Recent temperature extremes at high northern latitudes unprecedented in the past 600 years, … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing the WUWT Paleoclimate Reference Page – Disputed Graphs – Alley (2000)

Image Credit: Photobucket.com – GISP2 – Alley, 2000 By WUWT regular “Just The Facts” In building WUWT Paleoclimate Reference Page during these crowdsourcing threads (1, 2) there have been a number disputes raised about various graphs. During this thread I … Continue reading

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Weekend Open Thread

Travel today. So by request, here is a Weekend Open Thread on Thatcher, who did much to kick off the CO2 global warming saga but later on became a sceptic and regretted her actions.  My favorite quote (supposedly attributed to … Continue reading

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Global Warming Over Land Is Real: CU-Boulder, NOAA Study

Image Credit: Compo et al., 2013 From the Huffington Post: The thermometers got it right. The Earth is warming, another study is reporting. Climate scientists recognize that changes in weather observation stations’ immediate surroundings — such as neighboring trees being … Continue reading

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