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New government report from NOAA says 2012 summer drought NOT caused by global warming

“This is what global warming looks like” turned out to be nothing but incorrect opinionated hype by AP Science correspondent Seth Borenstein and Dr. Michael Oppenheimer. From the “we told you so department” and NOAA’s Drought Task Force, which makes … Continue reading

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Sequestered Gore satellite apparently not affected by ‘sequester’

There’s no money to run White House tours, but apparently there’s money to pull one of Al’s pet projects out of mothballs. Satellite shelved after 2000 election to now fly By SETH BORENSTEIN WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is … Continue reading

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New PR claim from Columbia extrapolates globally from a handfull of weather stations

From Columbia University , something that made my B.S. meter ping. My first thought was that evaporation pans aren’t new, going back to the beginning of the U.S. Weather Bureau  COOP network, so what is this all about? Typical standardized … Continue reading

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Michael Mann says climate models cannot explain the Medieval Warming Period – I say they can’t even explain the present

Ice core data shows CO2 levels changed less than 10 parts per million from 1600-1800 during the MWP. From the Hockey Schtick:  A new paper from Schurer et al (with Mann as co-author) finds that climate “models cannot explain the warm … Continue reading

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Those who don’t learn from Yamal, are condemned to repeat it – Marcott’s YAD061

You’d think academics in the upside down Mann climate proxy world would pay attention, and not repeat the same mistakes of the past. Apparently not. WUWT readers surely recall the Yamal YAD06 (The most influential tree in the world) and … Continue reading

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Evidence for a Global Medieval Warm Period

From CO2Science: Medieval Warm Period (Antarctica) — Summary Was there a Medieval Warm Period somewhere in the world in addition to the area surrounding the North Atlantic Ocean, where its occurrence is uncontested? This question is of utmost importance to … Continue reading

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ENSO Myth 5 – ENSO Only Adds Noise to the Instrument Temperature Record…

…and We Can Determine its Effects through Linear Regression Analysis, Then Remove Those Effects, Leaving the Anthropogenic Global Warming Signal This is the 5th post in the series about myths and failed arguments about the El Niño-Southern Oscillation—myths that were … Continue reading

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Nutri-systems for climate control

From the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton (UK) Ocean nutrients a key component of future change say scientists Variations in nutrient availability in the world’s oceans could be a vital component of future environmental change, according to a multi-author review paper … Continue reading

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