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Pacific Export Terminals: The Raging Environmental War on Coal

Originally published in The Washington Times. Guest post by Steve Goreham Exports from the Pacific Northwest are an ongoing battleground in the environmental war on coal. Last week, the Sierra Club and three other groups announced that they would file … Continue reading

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Some big changes coming to WUWT in the near future

You may have already noticed that commenting is faster. That’s because whitelisting is now enabled. Of course the usual banned words and blacklisted commenter memes will go straight to the nether regions as before. Some comments that are questionable, and … Continue reading

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Another proxy study with an ‘unprecedented’ temperature claim

UPDATE: McIntyre discovers a serious flaw right away, more upside down Mann world – he writes: In keeping with the total and complete stubbornness of the paleoclimate community, they use the most famous series of Mann et al 2008: the … Continue reading

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A new high resolution look at North Korea, where it is ‘Earth Hour’ every night

We’ve made fun in the past of the lack of basic electrical infrastructure in North Korea, comparing its light footprint from space with the anti human progress Earth Hour, and with good reason – It’s really a dark country in … Continue reading

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FoS CliSci Summary

Climate Science Newsletter Crowd sourcing A unique effort to assemble a large number of paleo-temperature graphs on all time scales was made earlier on the WUWT Paleoclimate Reference Page and is now continuing with a recent posting (March 30th). ————————— … Continue reading

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Is the Tesla Model S Green?

EVs indirectly pollute, and the Tesla Model S appears to result in greater effective CO2 emissions than an SUV Guest post by Nathan Weiss The EPA tells us 51% of total CO2 emissions result from motor vehicle use.  As a … Continue reading

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NOAA retires polar-orbiting satellite

Satellite exceeded anticipated lifespan by eight years April 10, 2013 After nearly 11 years of helping the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predict weather and climate patterns and save lives in search and rescue operations, NOAA announced today it … Continue reading

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Modeling the greening of the Arctic

From the National Science Foundation: New Models Predict Dramatically Greener Arctic in the Coming Decades International Polar Year- (IPY) funded research predicts boom in trees, shrubs, will lead to net increase in climate warming A map of predicted greening of … Continue reading

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