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Questions for Marcott et al? – submit them here

Skiphil writes: Andy Revkin of Dot Earth/NY Times blog is inviting questions to be submitted to the authors of Marcott et al. (2013). Since Revkin is one of the only journalists who might have a chance of getting the study … Continue reading

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Improbable Maximum Precipitation

Guest post by Willis Eschenbach There’s a new study out from NOAA called “Probable maximum precipitation (PMP) and climate change”, paywalled of course, which claims that global warming will lead to a 20%-30% increase in “probable maximum precipitation”. The abstract … Continue reading

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Saturday Silliness: Tamino aka Grant Foster fracks himself

People send me stuff. This morning my inbox had a forwarded Twitter item about a Tammy post where supposedly none of what McIntyre discovered about the dating problems in Marcott et al hockey stick “matter”, because “Tamino” has proven otherwise, … Continue reading

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