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Proxy spikes: The missed message in Marcott et al

Story submitted by WUWT reader Nancy Green There is a message in Marcott that I think many have missed. Marcott tells us almost nothing about how the past compares with today, because of the resolution problem. Marcott recognizes this in … Continue reading

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Weather, not climate, caused the brief surface melt in Greenland last summer

Readers may recall the breathless wailing over a brief period of surface melt detected by satellites last year. The way the media and alarmists who drive the media behaved, you’d think that global warming had set the planet on fire. … Continue reading

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Open Thread Wednesday

I have travel today, hence this open thread.

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Lewandowsky paper ‘provisionally removed’ due to complaints

UPDATE: Steve McIntyre has an interesting letter about the Lewandowsky and Cook affair here. Retraction Watch writes: Last week, we covered the complicated story of a paper by Stephan Lewandowsky and colleagues that had been removed — or at least … Continue reading

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Future shifts in rainfall

From UC Berkeley: Rising temperature difference between hemispheres could dramatically shift rainfall patterns in tropics By Robert Sanders, Media Relations  BERKELEY — One often ignored consequence of global climate change is that the Northern Hemisphere is becoming warmer than the … Continue reading

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